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Exercises for the bit below your belly button when you've had a c-section?

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BitchyInnerMonologue Wed 22-Feb-17 10:43:27

Started going to the gym. Doing well overall, but as my core muscles are strengthening I'm developing a pouch of skin above my c-section scar and below my belly button.

The gym staff are all male and are great for suitable exercises for toning etc, but I'm a bit embarassed to mention this bit. Sit ups are targeting the stomach, but missing this bit.

Any thoughts on exercises to do?

MaidOfStars Wed 22-Feb-17 13:40:22

The gym staff are all male and are great for suitable exercises for toning etc, but I'm a bit embarassed to mention this bit
Please try to overcome this. Your body is amazing and, like everyone's, has its own quirks and oddities. You wouldn't be saying anything that the gym staff haven't heard before - my PT tells me that most women start training to "fix" their arse, their thighs and their tummies. You've had a C-section - it's normal!

Sit ups aren't the best exercise for core strength. Does your gym have an ab roller? If you don't know what I mean, it looks like a little plastic wheel with two handles sticking out either side of the middle of the wheel. Have a go on this - will work your abs from top to bottom.

BitchyInnerMonologue Thu 23-Feb-17 22:54:02

Don't know about the ab roller; with my current shape and fitness level they've started me on basic gym machines for about 15 mins of cardio and then weight machines for toning. Unfortunately, I really don't have the muscle capacity for anything else, so they want to build that before they try me with high intensity stuff; although we have discussed that they want to get me there.
It is a very "male" gym, I've only seen a couple of other women there and there is a bit of testosterone flying about, but luckily I'm old enough to be their mother so I get tolerant smiles and they move things for me. It's quite sweet really, but again not encouraging for me to be quite as specific as I possibly would be to a woman.

Rockinghorsehay Sat 25-Mar-17 13:37:26

Apparently mountain climbers, pelvic tilts, side plank and the superman are good for this. And shifting as much tummy fat as possible through diet and cardio too. Possibly better to do the pelvic tilts at home though. I find them a bit awkward it public!

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