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Exercise machine recommendations

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papercaper Wed 22-Feb-17 05:09:25


So currently I take almost no exercise and I would really like to get a lot more fit and toned, but I can't see myself being able to do anything outside the home more than once, possibly twice a week. Ideally I need to do some form of exercise every day as I know I'll feel much better and I'm desperate to tone up,

I think my best option would be an exercise machine to use at home and i would really like some recommendations. I want to tone up all over, I don't have a great deal of space and or a very big budget but I need something decent. Is there anything out there that might be suitable?

Thank you!

JustGettingStarted Wed 22-Feb-17 05:17:03

Look into kettle bells. A couple of those and a book on kettle bell workouts. You can get cardiovascular exercise and tone your whole body.

AwfulSomething Wed 22-Feb-17 05:20:44 for a huge range of free workouts and excellent advice, don't waste your money on machines that will end up collecting dust.

youvegottabekiddingme Wed 22-Feb-17 05:43:12

Elliptical trainer. They really work!

youvegottabekiddingme Wed 22-Feb-17 05:43:33

And in every part of the body!

youvegottabekiddingme Wed 22-Feb-17 05:43:44


papercaper Wed 22-Feb-17 07:26:53

Thank you! I know the danger of them collecting dust but I've definitely decided on a machine rather than, say, weights because there's less skill involved. I'm not good at this stuff and I have a bad shoulder so I'm thinking a machine will be easier to handle.

Will look at elliptical machines! Do you think they would do much for my four years post-natal jelly belly?

papercaper Wed 22-Feb-17 13:39:33

Bumping in hopes of more replies smile. Is there a particular brand that's good value?

ifyoulikepinacolada Sat 25-Feb-17 21:43:18

Kettlebells or a versaclimber. Kettlebells are much cheaper though!

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