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Maintaining post 10k

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RockNRollNerd Sat 11-Feb-17 14:50:26

Looking for some tips/links to good articles about post completing a 10k race.

Main aim is to maintain/increase this level of fitness and not knacker knees/body. I'd like to improve speed and be able to run 1 or 2 10k races a year.

Background is summer 2015 did C25k and did a 5k race last Easter (2016) (Castaway Cay 5k - hot hot hot but amazing fun!). Late summer 2016 decided to enter a 10k and followed 5to10k program. Completed the race in just under 1hr10 and happy with that. Knees have always been a bit ropey (cyst on one cartilege since birth and chrondomalacia patella as a sporty teenager). Have a moderately knackered right foot from a broken toe/torn ligaments as a teenager which has an attractive bunion as well now. I wear good shoes (fitted at running shop) and replace after 200km or so. When following 5to10k we did the shorter run/speed run on the treadmill and the longer weekly run on the road and my knees ached a bit after that but not horrendously.

Really want to keep running but no desire (or time) to move up to half marathons and full marathons. I'd like to increase speed if possible as have in my mind that will also help keep increasing fitness levels. In my mind I want to still do 2 gym sessions a week - some cardio then some weights and a street run at a weekend of between 5 and 10k. Most importantly is I don't want to end up unable to run because of buggered knee/feet.

Any tips as to what I should be looking to do - how can I get a bit faster, what should I be looking to do on treadmill sessions? What distance should I be aiming to do on the weekly street run - a mix of faster 5ks, some in between runs and a monthly 10k?

Any ideas, links to programmes etc much appreciated!

yeOldeTrout Sat 11-Feb-17 15:04:14

interval sessions, Cross training?

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