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Exercise tips after C Section

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Picklingaround79 Wed 08-Feb-17 06:04:35


Wondering if anyone can recommend a book/website/good articles they've used on exercising after Elective C Section?

I'm interested in encouraging speedier recovery through gentle exercise early on, as well as regaining muscle/fitness later when my body is better healed.

I'm also interested in any fitness resources that can explain the physiology of healing from C Section - the nuts and bolts of what has altered in your body, and evidence based approaches to healing/repair.

I normally run, swim, surf and also teach yoga - so fairly fit - but finding online searches for more info are vague and not hugely reliable sounding!

Thank you!

legfaced Wed 08-Feb-17 06:30:45


I'm a keen weightlifter, was at the gym lifting until and on my due date, walked miles every day until I went into be induced and did this programme religiously. I walked a lot more than they advise on it but less than I would be doing normally. At 3 months I was back in the gym properly but still building up my strength. be sensible and listen to your body. I was doing more than 'medically advised' but I am a lot fitter than most (and confident about when to stop/take it easier).

Check for diastis recti too. I didn't have it which made recovery a lot simpler.

legfaced Wed 08-Feb-17 06:33:20

Mine was an emergency section, but don't think that makes any difference! 😊

SomewhatIdiosyncratic Wed 08-Feb-17 15:19:50

My first DC was EMCS. My fitness was trashed by SPD anyway and I started off with walking to the end of the (short) road and back. I gradually extended that.

At about 5-6 weeks I started using the Erin O'Brien postnatal recovery DVD. At 10 weeks, I felt ready for Buggy Fit. It was about 3-4 months before I stopped feeling a bit delicate, and started a circuits class at 5 months.

As stated above, be careful about diastasis recti. It applies to all new mums, but can be worsened by the healing from a CS. I had a friend who seemed back to near normal activity after about 3 weeks... several years on, she was still struggling with core strength and looking 5 months pregnant and ended up having physio to address the gap that had never closed up.

It's good to be motivated, but be gentle. The first few months after having a baby are a major physical change and recovery time.

Picklingaround79 Thu 09-Feb-17 01:36:18

Thank you Legfaced and Somewhat!

Some great advice, I'm looking forward to trying out the links and videos you suggest.

Great to hear others positive stories about aiding recovery, as often all you hear about C-Sections is the weeks and weeks of inability instead. With baby steps I'd like to find a way to help keep aware of timing my own recovery, and yes, listening to my body as I go...


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