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I know I can't spot reduce :( but I need to get rid of my belly and hips

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newstartamiready Sat 04-Feb-17 15:51:04

So I've lost weight recently, I'm happy with my size but my belly and hips are wobbly and if I was going to loose anymore weight I would want it to be between my lower belly and thighs!

The top part of me actually looks abit skinny now wink

I will be honest I havnt really been exercising apart from walking and now think exercise could help me tone those areas like belly thighs and hope but what exercise would be best?

I am thinking maybe body pump and other weights things like that? I heard the 7 minute workout is good any tips?

MoonlightMedicine Sun 05-Feb-17 18:09:20

Hula hooping might be good if it's mostly your middle you're trying to lose from.

DaisyFranceLynch Sun 05-Feb-17 18:16:04

I found that a mix of cardio (running, dance) and things like circuits and body pump made my legs and stomach look slimmer without making me lose weight. I aimed for weights twice a week and cardio once or twice a week (since the weights classes usually include a bit of cardio).

DaisyFranceLynch Sun 05-Feb-17 18:19:08

Sorry - those were gym classes, but you could do a home-based weights routine instead. For the cardio I found C25k really helpful since I had never been able to run for more than a couple of minutes before, and now I can run for about 30 (I should probably push myself to go further but I'm quite happy just running slowly round the local park).

newstartamiready Sun 05-Feb-17 22:50:58

Moonlight - do you hulahoop? If so what sort of results have you had?

I used to and I'm not sure if it worked or not, I have a weighted hoop and it takes a while to get used to using it as it hurts! Does it need to be a weighted hoop?

newstartamiready Sun 05-Feb-17 22:52:37

Daisy - I hate running confused I think I just need to make time to make it to some gym classes! I think body pump will definitely help smile

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