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Footwear for exercising at home?

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holocene Mon 16-Jan-17 15:18:24

I want to get a bit more active and healthy so I'm planning to start following some YouTube exercise videos - some postnatal core exercises and some more active cardio type stuff. Can I do it barefoot or do I need shoes? If so, what type of shoe would be best?

KanyesVest Mon 16-Jan-17 15:24:12

It depends on the type of exercise, how much impact and what your floor surface is, I'd say. I used exercise at home, 30 day shred mainly, on a laminate wood floor and found yoga socks best. For. Anything low impact I prefer bare foot but my feet get very cold so the grippy yoga socks work well.

holocene Mon 16-Jan-17 22:19:15

I've got a laminate floor covered with a rug, and I think it'll be low impact exercise, so hopefully I'll be ok in bare feet or grippy socks.

randomsabreuse Sat 21-Jan-17 19:54:35

Cardio you will likely want footwear. Yoga socks slip and laminate/rug isn't as padded as you'd think if it's laid on concrete.

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