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Running: What Could This Pain Be?

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StrawberryMouse Mon 16-Jan-17 07:37:36

I'm a runner and I very sadly find myself unable to run!

Have been back and forth to two physios who have both said everything from my hip down was feeling very tight, one suggested IT band issues but after three weeks off, frequent stretching, massages, foam rolling, I still can't actually run! I am due to run an ultra marathon in five weeks and at this rate I may have to drop out as it just doesn't seem to be improving.

The pain seems mainly to be focused around my knee - the outside knobble going down my calf but occasionally the inside and behind of it. Foam rolling my hip has helped a little and neither physio found any evidence of an actual knee injury which was reassuring so I'm aware the pain maybe coming from elsewhere but I'm able to ride my bike, cross train, weight lift with no problems, it's only running which I am unable to do.

I can only describe the pain as a feeling of weakness, as soon as my lower leg is not being supported, it just feels weak and floppy and I am kind of dragging it along until the ache becomes unbearable and I have to stop. Lifting my knee to go upstairs for example was causing problems to start with which seem better now but at this stage I should be running 40 miles per week and I am only managing 5. If I run at all one day (e.g. Two slow miles on a treadmill) I am sore and unable to run at all again the next. I have been keeping my fitness up with other low impact exercise but it has been three weeks now and I'm so keen to get back to running.

I'm going to have to go for an expensive scan aren't I?

Surreyblah Mon 16-Jan-17 07:40:07

If you have issues with muscles due to inflexibility/short muscles and running so much has made it worse perhaps it could take months to work on that through the right kind of exercise (eg stretching, yoga), not just a few weeks.

StrawberryMouse Mon 16-Jan-17 07:46:59

I have been doing a lot of long runs as per training plans which suggest a lot of running on tired legs etc so it could be an overuse kind of thing although no sudden crazy increases in distance or anything like that. I also didn't do anything obvious to hurt it like have a fall etc, this is something which gradually came on over one long run. I'm going to have to be patient and stay off it and do other things in the meantime, it's just so frustrating to have this unexplained pain and not know what it could be or how long it will be until I'm ok to run again. I have a few events coming up this year and now don't know if I'm going to be on track for any of them.

Surreyblah Mon 16-Jan-17 09:08:32

You might need to "let go" of your immediate challenging running goals and focus on addressing this issue, and overall health etc.

StrawberryMouse Mon 16-Jan-17 09:16:54

I think patience is probably the operative word here isn't it! I've been good so far but was hoping this was just a niggle which would clear with a bit of rest and now starting to worry that isn't the case. It isn't the end of the world if I can't do this next race, there will be other times. I've managed to get in with the physiotherapy assessment dept at my local hospital today so will go from there.

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