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10k run for Charity

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needyounow Sun 15-Jan-17 16:11:27

Hi, I have been considering for a while about doing a 10k run for a charity. i have been looking into over the weekend and just wondering if you are better to register for a charity Place and having to reach their minimum amount or getting my own place and fundraising that way?
I'm edging more towards getting my own place so that there is no pressure on the amount I need to raise.
Any opinions welcome please? Thanks

lljkk Sun 15-Jan-17 19:58:53

Do you enjoy raising money?
Seems to me like most run events are charity in some way, a charity will benefit from the entry fee proceeds. I wouldn't plan to raise money on top of that - not linked to the run, I mean. Can raise the money otherwise just because you want to.

SomewhatIdiosyncratic Mon 16-Jan-17 08:04:57

At 10k, most races don't have charity places. They tend to be a feature of large, over-subscribed events like the London marathon or GNR. My local 10k is run by a local charity who take a slice from the entrance fee and ask if you want to add an extra donation in your booking fee. You could then set up sponsorship for your chosen charity through a site like Justgiving yourself.

I suppose 10k is a middle ground between novices fund raising at a fairly achievable 5k which could require little preparation, and more ambitious targets like HMs that need months of targeted training. 10ks will attract regular runners who won't tend to fundraise on a regular basis because of fatigue and a perception that it's not so much of a challenge for a regular runner.

needyounow Mon 16-Jan-17 20:59:37

Thank you both for your replies that has helped loads. Thanks

KeyserSophie Wed 18-Jan-17 08:26:37

But just FYI, it is always better for the charity for you to get your own place and fundraise for them, because they have to buy "charity places" at around GBP1000 per place for major races from the organiser, hence the massive fundraising minimums. It also means that your donors are mainly subsidising the costs of running the event, not donating to the charity. (e.g. if you raise 1500, the charity has to pay the organiser 1000 for the place so only nets 500 for charity)

I actually have a major issue with how VLM sells London marathon as this huge charity bonanza . it's totally disingenuous. And what really boils my pee is how they qute amount raised for charity gross of the amounts charged for the places.

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