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is this odd and make people hate me?

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mailfuckoff Mon 09-Jan-17 17:53:21

I've decided to get fitter and so go for a walk at lunchtime. However this isn't possible in the rain so was wondering if I went into company gym and used a running machine to walk if the other users would hate me. Also I hate the showers so although I would use gym kit I wouldn't have a full shower and wet hair afterwards but more a splash wash and deodorant. Would that make me odd?

hazelnutlatte Mon 09-Jan-17 17:58:41

No - not unusual to walk on the treadmill, you can put it in an incline to get more of a workout if you want. Why would anyone hate you for using gym equipment how you want?
Also not unusual to not shower afterwards - I'm sure no one would notice or care!

ItchyFoot Mon 09-Jan-17 18:00:58

I hope not. My dp is disabled and can only walk on the treadmill. He still does it because he needs to try and keep his fitness up.

QuiltedAloeVera Mon 09-Jan-17 18:03:09

I assume people walking on treadmills are rehabbing injury or something. If I notice.
No one sane will care. There is not a minimum acceptable speed, don't worry.

Not having a shower is a bit grim though.

Wondermoomin Mon 09-Jan-17 18:14:58

Walking in the rain is definitely possible, I do it all the time grin But walking on the treadmill is fine if that's what you'd rather do. It's not up to other people how you use it.

If you're exercising to get fitter, you'd normally be expecting to get your heart rate up and probably break a bit of a sweat so you should really shower after that.

mailfuckoff Mon 09-Jan-17 18:27:14

I get your point about not having a shower but the showers are really open and I feel exposed as it's unisex. I could however go to the ladies toilets and have a wash there in more privacy .

Wolfiefan Mon 09-Jan-17 18:29:28

I can't run due to a back problem so would walk on a treadmill. You can walk outside in the rain though. You just need a decent coat and footwear. (I have even been known to don waterproof trousers!) grin

Limewithorange Mon 09-Jan-17 18:52:10

It's been a while since I was in a gym but unisex showers sound grim. I'm assuming there are cubicles? Oh and walking on treadmill is fine.

mailfuckoff Mon 09-Jan-17 19:22:10

Yes cubicles but still not really secure.

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