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Tough mudder half

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meatloaf Mon 09-Jan-17 03:16:52

Has anyone done this?

Looking at the half, which is 5miles. Realistically how fit do you need to be?

I've asked 5 friends if they want to do it with me and all have declined grin. I love a bit of mud. I guess you really need to be in a team, right?

KeyserSophie Mon 09-Jan-17 06:57:07

Not very fit- loads of people pretty much walk it after the first mile or so, and there are always queues for the obstacles unless you're at the front so you get rests.

I dont think you have to have a team- you just need to be able to rely on someone random to pull you up if you dont have the upper body strength to get yourself over the walls etc, as you cant give yourself a leg up. I think that's kind of part of it though (someone will help you, you help the next person etc).

meatloaf Mon 09-Jan-17 09:34:07

Sounds like I really need to try and find some buddies to do this with as I dont have great upper body strength. Looks so fun though!

How long do you think it takes to do the 5mile course?

KeyserSophie Mon 09-Jan-17 11:20:39

I really don't know re time. I would say take your 5 mile time and double it, but could be more depending on queues for obstacles.

I think it is do-able on your own. What I meant was that for solo people, just get a random to pull you up and then turn round and pull the next person up. People always help unless you're out front with the elites grin

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