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Which speed session works best for you?

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Nameforsaken Sun 08-Jan-17 15:23:29

Sprints or hills?

I find I improve quicker if I do sprints but always injure myself so don't do them anymore.
I prefer hill reps as they're more 'fun' (compared to sprints) but there is a slower gain.

How about you?

madgingermunchkin Sun 08-Jan-17 15:24:52

I do hill sprints. Make me want to vomit, but so much more interesting.

LordEmsworth Sun 08-Jan-17 15:29:31

Was going to say hill sprints too

Pinkponiesrock Sun 08-Jan-17 15:52:43

I do both, sad individual that I am. We do a variety of long and short speed, long and short tempo, hill sprints and long hills. All of which make me want to throw up, must be good for me really!

mumsnitter Tue 10-Jan-17 22:54:03

I do a mix, prefer going fast as possible so love the sprints, however I've realised that I need to do the hills as I am crap at them grin

Nameforsaken Wed 11-Jan-17 15:53:38

Yeah I'm not bad at hills on even surfaces but mostof my runs are offroad and that's where I struggle with hills!

madgingermunchkin Wed 11-Jan-17 16:29:11

I hill sprint up Arthur's seat. Itsvile and I love it. I'm not a masochist honest.

The looks from tourists in the summer do make me giggle.

lljkk Wed 11-Jan-17 22:10:31

who knows. If my legs feel very tired & my knees ache afterwards I assume I was working pretty hard.

KeyserSophie Thu 12-Jan-17 04:44:46

Tbh I think they do different things- hill work is better for glute strength, which is important because road runners in particular tend to be quad dominant at the expense of their glutes and hamstrings, and track work (intervals, pyrmaids etc) is better for cadence and improving leg turn- i.e. just getting your legs used to turning over faster. Both are good for cardio development as they imply a harder work rate.

Personaly I dont do specific hill work as I live in HK so ALL my runs are hilly (I'd do 1,500m vertical in a typical week), but I do do a track session once a week as I find that definitely helps. It's programmed by someone else, but usually approx 7-10k total distance, split into either short very fast intervals, or slightly longer (5 x1600m) at, say, 3k pace.

The other thing that I think is underrated is tempo work, so just introducing a slightly higher work rate into some of your shorter runs, either for all of it, or just sections.

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