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Race entry prices

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Lovelybangers Sun 08-Jan-17 11:40:12

I have done a few running races/events over recent years. Some 10K and a couple of half marathons.

I am running Leeds Half in May - and it cost £34 (or thereabouts).

Was just looking at the Great North Run and it's £54!

Why so expensive ?

natwebb79 Sun 08-Jan-17 18:03:28

I think sometimes it's due to the cost of closing roads/security etc. The Great North Run is massive in the running calendar so probably costs a fair bit more to put on.

KeyserSophie Mon 09-Jan-17 07:02:40

The things that most impact race pricing are

- Do they need to close roads and for how long?
- Do they need the police to attend (has to be paid for)?
- Do they need their own portaloos/ baggage tents etc. or can they use existing infrastructure?
- Do they need to transport bags to the end (cheaper to run a circuit race)
- Complexity of chip timing (start and finish, finish only, checkpoint timing)
- Is there an expo/ after party? and (frankly)
- Is there high demand and on that basis will there be enough people who are prepared to pay it.

I know the GNR is "the" half but personally I'm not a fan. It's way too busy and slow at the start and an arse to get away from the finish.

Pippioddstocking Mon 09-Jan-17 07:10:31

There are loads of cheaper runs out there. I have my mental limit on how much I am prepared to pay . No more than 25 for a half or 35 for a full ( unless it is somewhere or something extra special that I am just desperate to run ) .
I decided on this after doing a ratrace event three years ago that cost 220 pounds. It was certainly not worth it!
I'm running in a five day staged event later this year which is £125 and includes breakfast and evening meal for 5 days and a place to pitch my tent.
Search runners world " events" section and you will find loads of cheaper runs.

runpenrun Mon 09-Jan-17 07:18:36

It depends what you want as a reward. Big name races (GNR) cost more and so do races wother finishers medals and T-shirts
I find off-road races are cheaper and fell races cheaper still (most are pay on the day £6). Howevery, no finishing rewards just the satisfaction of completing a prettyear tough course.
Finally, my son and I do some of the LDWA races, about £8, certificate and badge for finishing and often food. LDWA are self-navigation off-road. You can do 4 marathons/marathons for the price of 1 GORDAN.
Have fun with your chosen races.

runpenrun Mon 09-Jan-17 07:19:11

Arghhhhhh not GORDAN - GNR

Lovelybangers Mon 09-Jan-17 07:37:52

Ah - Yes, I suppose there are a lot of associated costs.

I didn't sign up in the end anyway.

Thanks for all replies

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