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Running - what is realistic?

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randomsabreuse Thu 05-Jan-17 11:03:47

I'm definitely someone who needs an "aim" so I can get off my behind and get on with exercise. I have a vague aim of a trail half or major mud run - (tough mudder/rock solid type thing) in the Autumn.

I feel like I need closer aims to concentrate the mind and get me out for a run when it's damp and dreary. So trying to plan the first few months of 2017...

How many races are sensible in a given month? No more than 10k until I've lost 10kg. All would be trail or mud runs although my training is a mixture including tarmac as necessary. Will be doing some park runs as well.

Any advice on 10k improver plans much appreciated as well.



mistermagpie Thu 05-Jan-17 11:09:26

It depends how fit you are now and how much running you already do.

I started back running in about October 2015 after having my son, did a 10k in the November (slowly!) carried on training a bit and then did 5 more 10k races in the May/June of 2016. I was training for a half marathob nut got pregnant again and can't run during pregnancy due to pelvic issues.

You can do a race every week in the summer months if you are willing to travel a bit, but for something longer like a half marathon I wouldn't recommend that little rest time.

randomsabreuse Thu 05-Jan-17 11:18:22

Thanks. I'm not horrendously unfit but not great - usually run 2-3 times a week but having a big push on daily exercise videos for January before settling into a more sensible regime when the mornings get lighter.

First (flat) park run managed consistent 6 min/km finishing in 30.08, phone app thinks I do about 6.30/km up to about 10k in training. Need to up speed and lose weight but suspect race aims will help that process...

Probably 2 in a month might be realistic around the rest of life, especially if not a mud run!

mistermagpie Thu 05-Jan-17 11:33:25

Ah so you're reasonably fit, you would be able to do a (tarmac) 10K race in less than an hour I reckon - trail or hill runs will be different obviously. My first 10k (Nov 2015) I was doing a parkrun in a little bit longer than you and finished in 59 minutes. By the time I did my last race on June 2016 I was at 50 minutes (parkrun time of 24), so that might give you an indication of how much you can progress on just 3 runs a week.

Race aims definitely help you progress, I did 4 races in 4 weeks in May and my times improved a lot. I have never been a big fan of speedwork but did try to incorporate one speed session a week into my training. The ideal for me was three runs a week, one long slow run, one parkrun and one speed session. Long slow runs are my favourite! I spoke to a few people who are more knowledgeable than me and was informed that if i kept upping my LSR distance incrementally I would be able to do a hlaf marathon easily after a few months.

randomsabreuse Fri 06-Jan-17 08:42:28


My major limit on upping distance is that I don't want the impact of longer runs until I lose that 10kg. Your progress sounds great - hope I can do as well!

Now hunting 10ks in the west midlands/north east Wales - I seem to be in a bit of a black hole and everything I see coincides with DH working. Will find something!

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