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Can't get motivated!

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Chimichangaz Tue 03-Jan-17 21:53:26

I used to exercise at home religiously, mainly the shred plus a bit of Davina and the occasional yoga class. Together with eating fewer carbs and crap I was in pretty good shape for 50. Started a new job almost 18 months ago with a fairly long commute together with long hours and the result is ive put a stone on and am very unfit. I liked my body when I was fitter, and I have a fair few clothes I can't wear due to weight gain but that doesn't even motivate me to lose it. I don't think the gym is my thing, and I used to be disciplined working out at home but I've lost my mojo.

Can anyone help me find a way to get it back please? flowers

SomewhatIdiosyncratic Wed 04-Jan-17 10:30:58

Try something different. Novelty is motivating. Is there anything you'd like to try out?

Setting goals works for me which is a reason why I've stuck with running for a few years. I have a target of a race to aim for, and over time I get the satisfaction of setting new PBs. I also find it flexible and efficient to fit in.

A personal trainer may help for ideas and some accountability to start with. I've no experience in that department though.

KASHANDMIKE Wed 04-Jan-17 16:44:54

What gets you going? Mindset is such an important aspect of everything. I use YouTube and Pinterest to fuel my motivation when it is low. So maybe do a few searches like fit at 50 or fitness transformation, bodybuilding at 50...etc. Trade out your unhealthy habits for a good habit one at a time. Try the 1% rule..just improve 1% in all you do. For example start eating 1 apple a day or walk just a bit farther each day..these small wins might get you back on track.

Chimichangaz Wed 04-Jan-17 22:12:59

Thanks for the suggestions. Kash you are so right that mindset is important. And I like the idea of searching for specific terms. I think the key for me will be getting going - if I can do that, and hopefully see and feel a difference, that might help.

<goes off to google small fitness wins>

flowers flowers

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