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FitBit that works for walking (including pushing pram) and running?

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ineedagardener Mon 02-Jan-17 08:23:14

Have read lots but now totally confused! It will mainly be for walking, but like to think I will build up to running again. Want to make sure it includes steps with pram though!

FaithAgain Mon 02-Jan-17 08:26:59

Tricky one...I've just got a charge 2. It'll track runs etc using your GPS from your phone and has a HR monitor. If you're pushing a pram, the steps might not pick up in the same way but you can tie it round your bra or put it in your pocket instead? The only one that picks up steps even if you're pushing is the One, it straps on to your bra or pocket (which I used to have) but that's pretty basic. No HR monitor, doesn't track pace etc.

BendydickCuminsnatch Mon 02-Jan-17 08:28:51

My FitBit Charge HR works beautifully with the pushchair. Well, in all circumstances really. Use it at the gym and it's very accurate.

PotteringAlong Mon 02-Jan-17 08:29:35

I just put my Fitbit in my pocket when I'm pushing the pram.

GwendolynMary Mon 02-Jan-17 08:36:43

I have a Charge 2 and it def counts pram walking steps. It's great for running and other workouts too. The only steps I've found it doesn't count are when I'm pacing slowly to get a heavy 2yo back to sleep - with both arms clasped under her and the slow steps, it doesn't seem to notice I'm moving. I used to have a One tracker, which counted all steps, but wasn't very sophisticated otherwise. And the Ones don't like washing machines, apparently... blush Hence why I now have a Charge 2.

ineedagardener Mon 02-Jan-17 11:13:23

Looks like its the Charge then - thank you.... now to find one in the sales hmm

ineedagardener Mon 02-Jan-17 11:14:29

shock - thought the charge would be a really expensive one... it's cheaper than the flex I was looking it!

ineedagardener Mon 02-Jan-17 11:16:26

oh bugger, that's not the charge 2 sad

gamerchick Mon 02-Jan-17 11:24:33

I found the charge hr logged pushing a pram as riding a bike. Maybe hooking it to a bra strap would help with that?

ineedagardener Mon 02-Jan-17 11:25:37

Just brought the Charge 2 on amazon £109 pretty good price

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