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Changed my body shape from pear to hour glass - it's possible!

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CookieDoughKid Wed 30-Nov-16 22:09:55

Reposting from a different thread as it's more relevant here. Another mumsnetter asked me what changes I made. I'm hoping this might help someone. It certainly helped me and has transformed my body shape in a year. No quick fixes but you'll see results in first 6-8 weeks definitely. Good luck to all those trying to better themselves!!

I kid you not when I say I used to have thunder thighs. I have always had "big" legs, big calves (pre-exercise I had 15.5 inch wide calves!!) and wide hips. I was muscly but with a lot of fat on top. I am only 5ft, had huge size 12 hips, saggy bum and thighs coupled with a tiny size 8 waist + narrow shoulders. Size 12 is not fat by any means but if you are only 5ft, it really is "out of proportion" if the rest of your "natural bone shape" is skinny boned. I was like a triangle with flabby chicken fillet arms too. Urgh.
This mean that jeans, any proper tailored trousers, everything I wore bottom half screamed "thunder thighs". I absolutely hated it and used to cover myself with long skirts.

I had had enough. I can't really healthy food like I should. I love carbs, bread and rice etc. But the 2 things that I do now is

1) Eat clean as much as possible. I cook from raw everything if I can. Eg. For dinner this evening - I cut up chicken fillet in small pieces, cover with flour salt and pepper and fry that in a large dollop of butter as my version of bang bang chicken coupled with rice and a lot of veg. Yes, there's butter and carbs but nothing there is really from processed packet food and I'm now not afraid of eating fat. I eat a lot more fat but good fat (cheese/butter/bread dunked in yummy olive oil). I still eat cake and treats but portion wise - it will be just a few tablespoons of cake or 4 small chunks of choc pieces. I will eat what I want to eat - the difference is, it is far more moderate. My need for a big pudding is a lot less as my tummy is so full from a proper meal.

2) Exercise. Actually the hardest thing is starting it but I grit my teeth and just DO IT. If I got out and did ONE class a week, that was a big achievement. I now exercise x3 a week as I'm fitter and can take the pain more. The exercise I do is typically Hiit exercise and running on treadmill. I do ANY exercise I my fancy - like body pump, jogging, running, Zumba, aqua, body conditioning. I hate MOST exercise actually but what I found was that I needed to sweat for it be effective. I'll do an hour of pilates but top it off with 15mins fast run on treadmill and I'll be totally sweatin - because of the run, not the pilates. If I am NOT sweating by the end of the class (and I mean dripping) then it would have been a waste of my time because I know my metabolism hasn't been raised high enough for fat burning (and once raised,it's raised for the rest of the day - not just the exercise session). I think what's the point of doing this exercise if I am not fat burning?!

Fat burning exercise like lunge jumps, burpees, skipping etc is especially effective but you don't need to go crazy. Just make sure 10-15mins or so of the more "really hard" exercises is incorporated to make your heart raised will do the trick . The main thing - is to keep moving. Do that x3 week and your body will transform. My calves are now 14inches wide, reduced by 2inches (still big but now all the fat is gone and I no longer need special wide calf boots anymore YAY!) and my thighs and waist have reduced by a whopping 2.5 inches in circumference. Waist and shoulders are now similar width, flatter tummy, smaller bum and arms have toned up like Kate Hudson!

Do both the above regarding diet and exercise and you will see fast results within 3months. I'm now 12months on and my body shape has really transformed without the need for sacrificing what I love the most - which is Chocolate, carbs and cake!!

anewdispensation Thu 29-Dec-16 17:26:58

Well done! I really enjoyed reading this as I did something similar this year with similar results and I love how I look and feel

Namechanger2015 Thu 29-Dec-16 17:30:06

I can't get out to classes but would like to do similar and exercise more from home. Are there any at-home programs you could recommend?

moredealsplease Thu 29-Dec-16 20:00:05

I did this this year too! Lost 6" off my bottom and now have slim legs for the first time in my life. Did it by cycling. Started gradually then got obsessed and in the height of summer cycle at least 100 miles a week. Absolutely love it. Great exercise on your doorstep and free once you've got the bike smile

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