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Completely unprepared for a half

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timshortfforthalia Sun 27-Nov-16 10:35:23

I started running in July. It's my 40th next May and I was secretly hoping to run a marathon to mark it. My husband has gone from non-runner to ultra runner in nine years and I've seen just how much he has got from running, so it's always been something I've been tempted to do. What really got me off the sofa though was a thread started on here, someone posted before and after a year of running pics. They were really inspiring - her pins rocked!

I did a 10k in September, really proud, managed to run it all. I'd kind of winged if it a bit as my training went to pot at the end and I knew I hadn't done enough long runs. Maybe one over 40min, and only one continuous run (as opposed to walk running)

I entered a half marathon at start of December. After my 10k I was quite motivated for three weeks and ran 3/4 times a week and managed 2 long runs of 80 and 90 mins. Just before my 90 min run I developed massive hip and knee pain on one side. Classic it band stuff. Been able to stretch it out, and it's calmed down lots, but now got lots of hip stiffness on both sides.

I then didn't run for almost a month, not cause of injury but just hating the long run and the pressure of it. The clocks going forward knocked me for six, the weekends become the only time I can run and then I feel I should be doing a long run, not wanted to do it so not run at all.

Two or three weeks ago I wrote off th half in my head. Since then I got my mojo back, just been doing whatever run felt interesting or fun. It's been ace and I've got to the place where I'm just thinking I'll run for a million other reasons than entering races. I don't need to increase distance, just love feeling strong when I'm running and having loads more energy and patience after.

I like listening to the podcast running commentary and last week I heard an interview with Lisa Jackson. She's run over a hundred marathons, all really slowly and her approach inspired me. All the emphasis is on fun and lack of ego. I just started reading her book this morning, Your Pace or Mine, and now I'm thinking I should just do the half. The book is really inspiring. I reckon I can walk/run from the start, maybe put a playlist together, do cycles of three fast songs and one slow one and just walk for the slow one.

The cut off is 3.15, I think I can make that. Despite it being nothing like the events he normally enters (too short, too flat, too many other competitors, none with beard and dogs on strings!) dh has has signed up for the race too so I will be there anyway, it's near my parents and they've been co-opted into baby-sitting slash cheering. I'll be there anyway, I should just do it, right? I know it'll really mess my hips up, but in my head I've come to terms with having sore hips as a price to pay for running. I'll see dh's osteopath and maybe try a long run next week (got two weeks to go)

What do you reckon oh wise mumsnet runners? I feel like I've talked myself into it just writing this post 🙄 But then the ideas of doing one more long run just makes me want to put my trainers in the bin. I managed to wing my 10k, but feel I can't do that with a half.

helterskelter99 Sun 27-Nov-16 10:41:21

Do it x

NotStoppedAllDay Sun 27-Nov-16 10:44:18

What's furthest you've run recently?

I'm thinking do it..... I'm similiar to you and done 2 underprepared half marathons

timshortfforthalia Sun 27-Nov-16 10:51:21

Maybe 35min as my longest. Taking the pressure off distance has really helped my confidence and motivation. I'm finding 25-35min is my optimum duration 😀.

I'll be gutted watching instead of taking part, won't i?

Not stopped, did you get round them ok?

NotStoppedAllDay Sun 27-Nov-16 11:03:41

Yeah. Run/walk was in 2.55

In 35 min I guess you cover first 3 miles? You then have ten miles to have a strategy for

DianaMitford Sun 27-Nov-16 11:04:36

I ran the Brighton half a couple of years ago. It fell just after my 30th birthday. The furthest I'd ever run before the race was six miles (used to do this 2/3 times a week. Until two months before the race when it was Christmas/my birthday and all training went out of the window. I did 2hrs 20 mins in the end. Go for it! You'll love it!

timshortfforthalia Sun 27-Nov-16 11:16:10

Ok, I feel a bit inspired. I might try a long run next weekend and put together a playlist this week. Run three songs/ walk one should really help me. Also, I live at the top of a hill, so by comparison everything g should feel flatter and therefore easier. I might also practise eating when running next week as I'll be on my feet a long time. It's all about letting go of ego, isn't it?

SomewhatIdiosyncratic Sun 27-Nov-16 20:37:30

You could meet the time limit by walking consistently at 4mph, so any running is a bonus wink

I did my first HM 6 months after completing C25k. I used a 12 wk plan to increase the time running from 30 mins to 2hrs, but had got up to a 8 mile race prior to that (2.5 months after C25k)

Cross training is useful for keeping interest up and reducing injuries.

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