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Question about hiit / pacing

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booox Sun 27-Nov-16 07:51:54


I have some issues with my pelvis and some mild hypermobility. However, I do know it's sortable but it's clear I'm going to have to pace and take it slowly.

At the moment too much exercise e.g. Insanity, (yes I know!) leaves some muscles in my hips, si and pelvis overly tightening and causing possibly piriformis syndrome. It's all a lot worse around my period too. I used to be able to do a lot of this sort of thing pre child!

I'm doing machine Pilates (even done if that sometimes causes issues) and have a set of physio exercises. I've also got katy says videos for down there (yet to properly look at)

- has anyone found the seven app good?
- can anyone remember the name of the physio/ exercise course for postpartum women called something like mama tu?? And is it any good?

My issue is I want to do some hiit cardio but last week even skipping caused issues, and I love skipping sad

I do swim when I can but cannot get there regularly.

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