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Gym induction / trial session - what to ask/look for?

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BitchyInnerMonologue Sat 26-Nov-16 15:38:52

I've decided to lose weight/tone up by joining the gym.

I have my induction on Tuesday, but don't kno what I should be asking, doing or looking for.

I need to lose weight (diet is okay, but I'm perimenopausal so it's not vanishing as it used to do) and lose wobble. Fitness would be good, but I am aware that gym work isn't necessarily the best for this.

So what do I need to ask, query or tell them so I can get the best out of this?

FinnMcCool Mon 28-Nov-16 21:51:59

I'd be interested to know as well.
Sorry that's no help to you OP, but good luck with your induction session.

Percypig5 Mon 28-Nov-16 22:07:35

Hi Bitchy. My advice would be to be as clear about your goals as possible so the fitness instructor can tailor a suitable programme. Many people join a gym saying they want to 'tone up' but what does this mean for you? I would think about answers rather than questions i.e. What is your weight loss goal, how many days a week are you committed to visiting the gym, what type of exercise appeals to you and what would you not enjoy, whet areas do you want to focus on etc. A good fitness instructor will be asking you lots of questions along those lines and putting together a programme to help you reach your goals.

shhhhSleeping Mon 28-Nov-16 22:11:54

Things that you might look for (that may or may not be important to you)...
Fitness classes - the range, the timing, how easy to book on
Other facilities eg swimmimg pool, sauna, parking, are the changing rooms nice, showers hot?
How busy do they get at the time you expect to usually be going? In smaller gyms you might find yourself queuing for the machines you want to use at peak time
Personal Trainers - all gyms will have PTs working out of them. If you fancy a couple of sessions to set you up with an appropriate workout and give you ideas and a plan then how much are they and what's their availability like.
Minimum term...they'll probably try to sign you up for a year. That's a big committed expense if you're new to gym-going and potentially could lose interest. Is there a cool off period where you can cancel in the first month if you don't enjoy it? Can you pay a little more per month but not be tied in?

In a lot of areas there's a wide range of gyms to choose from so if you're not sure about this one have a look at a couple more. They can vary widely and youll only go if you feel comfortable and if they offer exactly what suits you.

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