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fell/off road running

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wheatchief Sun 13-Nov-16 21:19:03

I've just started to try to teach myself to run (again). I went out today and did run/walks of 500m - I felt I could have kept going on all the runs but wanted a convenient measurement point!

There are 8 weeks until a 6.2km fell running race at a local mountain bike centre. Is that at all achievable? I have no issues with not doing a spectacular time or anything but would like to get round and not look like a total muppet.

I box one on one twice a week for an hour plus do weights so have some fitness level already but have always had a real mental hang up with running, plus suffer with tight calves.

MrsMook Sun 13-Nov-16 21:41:23

So that's about 4 miles? Are there any time limits? If you could feasibly walk it within that time, then entering is sensible. There's likely to be parts where many walk a section anyway.

emummy Mon 14-Nov-16 18:38:17

If you just gradually increase your running sections, and try to do some of your runs on hilly routes and off road, you should be ok. It sounds as though the race itself will be hilly, and it is definitely common for people to walk on steep bits. There will be some who will leap up hills like a mountain goat but they're not normal, you can ignore them!
It would be good to do some running downhill off road, that can be challenging as you are afraid of falling, but the trick is to use your arms for balance and almost fall forward, it takes a bit of getting used to!
So go for it, have fun, and don't worry, I think people at these events are often quite friendly and encouraging of newcomers.

wheatchief Mon 14-Nov-16 20:56:05

Thanks for the replies and encouragement. Entry is on the day so I can see how I get on which is kind of a double edged sword - might be more motivating if I had to sign up now! I'll see how I go.

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