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A couple of quick questions about exercise for a beginner

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CantReadMyPokerFace Sun 06-Nov-16 23:07:42

I have always have 'sturdy' calves. I can't simply buy a regular pair of knee high boots sad So, if I take up running (like C25k) or do some leg exercises at the gym, won't this make my calves even bigger?? As this is the last thing I want!

As I have always had chunky legs, so I have always had chunky upper arms. What are the best targeted exercises to slim these down? I am embarrassed to say I have cellulite on my inner top arms and I want it to go away.

When you do start going to gym classes or doing C25k, how long does it take before you see a good difference? smile

CantReadMyPokerFace Mon 07-Nov-16 06:49:39


HuckfromScandal Mon 07-Nov-16 07:29:23

I did c25k, because it fitted into my lifestyle, and I was so unfit, I really didn't want to die in from by of people.

I then started classes.
I now belong to a running club. I am absolutely not super speedy, i will always be the slow poke at the back. But I love it. You may hate running, but don't give up,find the exercise that floats your boat.

I hated exercise.
I was 2 stone heavier.
A size 14
I'm now a size 10, and everything is way more toned.

Now idea about your calves, but I suspect, unless you start marathon training - they will not get bigger.

Cakedoesntjudge Mon 07-Nov-16 07:44:04

I would imagine that they won't get bigger, when I first started seeing a PT and started doing weights, my arms in particular got much more toned but still got smaller as I was burning fat as well as building muscle, I'd imagine it would work the same way for your calves.

One thing I was told over and over was that you can't spot target an area for weight loss - obviously you can for building muscle but as far as losing fat goes you just have to do the exercising and let your body lose it from wherever and eventually it balances out. Everyone's different and you're normally the last one to notice a difference in yourself, plus it depends how much you're doing and what your previous level of fitness is to see a difference.

I found that after a couple of months I was enjoying it so much that I wasn't reliant on seeing a difference (although I did start to), it was more motivation for me that I was happier and slept better.

On that note I should really start going to the gym again rather than stuffing my face with crap blush

CantReadMyPokerFace Mon 07-Nov-16 22:12:50

Thank you both smile

MaidOfStars Thu 10-Nov-16 13:19:07

Nope, weight training and exercise will not make your calves bigger, unless you specifically target bulking up exercises. Not even marathon training will do it.

Build muscle to replace fat and you'll shrink. Even if you don't have much fat to lose, building your muscle will make it long and lean, rather than untoned.

I lift heavy weights (8 reps to complete fatigue) and run a lot. My weight is stable but I'm getting smaller.

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