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LizBet123 Wed 02-Nov-16 21:02:58

I seem to have lost all confidence after having twins two years ago. I find myself alone in the house all day and I am turning to food to punish myself. I am desperately sad. I have tried going to groups and meeting other mums in my situation but none of them understand what it is like to have a part time job and a business you are running yourself as well as juggling looking after two young children. They dont seem very open and we never get invited to play dates as the local group seems quite clique. The nearest alternative is at least an hours round trip to go to. Does anyone have any advise on getting fit at home with two young children?

blowmybarnacles Thu 03-Nov-16 23:03:30

So sorry to read this. Having twins must be so hard. Lots going on for you, being sad is most worrying.Do you have family of friends to support you? Can you get out to exercise at all? It does help. I run, I get fresh air and nobody needs me for 40 minutes!

Being at home, What about a wii? or some stuff to involve the kids on youtube?

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