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Exercise after birth

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summerson Fri 28-Oct-16 19:51:21

Hi all,

I'm looking to do some sort of 30-day-shred type exercise routine after I give birth but wondering what to do!

After so long of taking it easy I had planned 4 weeks of moderate easing myself back into action and then going for it... but does anyone have any recommends for at home workouts targeted as after baby workouts??

Right now during pregnancy I am loving popsugar fitness and in particular Andrea orbecks workouts!

MrsMook Sun 30-Oct-16 23:57:19

Take it gently. Anything more vigorous than walking isn't recommended in the first 6 weeks until you're checked- possibly longer if it was a recovery heavy birth.

Abdominal muscles part to make way for an expanding uterus, and can take a while to come back together, causing a weak core and affecting balance. That affects the suitability of different exercises until they have come together sufficiently. (Look up diastasis recti)

My fitness was trashed from months of SPD and difficult births. I started off with walking- for me, 100m was a workout! At 6 weeks I used a postnatal DVD (Erin O'Brien) to build back up until I was ready for regular routines. I also went to a Buggy Fit class from 10 weeks. Most will be capable of building up a bit quicker.

It is worth a bit of caution early on as even after simple pregnancies and births, there is a lot of adjustment. Also relaxin can be present for a while (particularly if breastfeeding) which loosens joints again increasing a risk of injury.) Regular workouts may include unsuitable exercises like sit ups and crunches which encourage muscle separation by putting a lot of pressure through the abdomen.

Take it steady, and you'll get to where you want to be.

summerson Mon 31-Oct-16 21:02:49

Thanks for the input that's great advice. I will look up the Erin o brien workout as like you say I'm looking for something aimed at/suitable for post partum body and muscles....

Thanks again, hopefully will get there! So far I have been blessed with an easy pregnancy and am trying to maintain some level of fitness in that i am walking lots and squatting/doing pregnancy targeted workouts.... hopefully this effort makes post baby workouts that little bit easier!!!

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