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Exercise whilst still breastfeeding

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43percentburnt Tue 25-Oct-16 21:11:52

I am breastfeeding twins but want to start exercising daily. They are 8 months old and although they eat 3 meals a day they still feed a lot - including 4 times each between 10 pm and 8am. I am pretty hungry still, though not as ravenous as 3 months ago. What I don't want to happen is I exercise daily and eat far more!

I'd like to lose a stone and generally tone up. Previously I have done vast amounts of yoga, Pilates and DVDs at home including 30 day shred and ministry of sound. I did very little during my very difficult pregnancy but have now completed post natal physio, I do walk quite a bit.

Any tips or DVD suggestions. I'd prefer not to go to the gym.

fitzbilly Wed 26-Oct-16 15:03:48

What about running?

I got back into running the weeks after giving birth, and now, seven weeks on, it's going really well. Yes it makes your hungry with breastfeeding too, and I have to make sure I eat enough, but I have got a lot firmer and more toned already.

Good luck, sounds like you have your hands full already so week done for trying to exercise as well!

43percentburnt Wed 26-Oct-16 19:16:01

Thanks for your reply. I have considered running but had pretty bad spd and thought it may not help as I have never run before. I will look at c25k. Well done for running so soon after giving birth.

MrsMook Thu 27-Oct-16 23:08:52

I took up C25k when DS was 6 months. I'd realised that I didn't need to limp from the SPD anymore and that it had become a habit to drag my leg behind me when going up hill! (I started going to an oseopath when DS was 3m as the SPD wasn't shifting and I still couldn't move my hip enough to walk a few hundred meters home from the shops and was still having to take a much longer route on a bus to walk down the hill to my house!)

I was cautious about risking injury so took 6 months to do all the C25k runs, partly through repeating tough runs before moving on, and the practicalities of having a young baby, including weeks off when he had bronchiolitis.

It worked for me because I could fit it in between feeds (he was a hungry bottle refuser) and I could do it at whatever unorthodox time worked that day.

One year after starting, I'd done a half marathon which I'd never have dreamed of before. I cross train as well which has helped to avoid injury. Between the SPD and a history of grumpy, intolerant joints, that's quite a victory. My joints are now in better shape than they were when I was a teenager because all the muscles are much stronger!

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