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Waterproof head torch for running

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needyounow Tue 18-Oct-16 07:59:20

Can anyone recommend a good head torch please?

I will be using it for running round unlit parks and rural roads over the winter. And also for a bit of trail running. It needs to be waterproof as entering a race which involves going through the river.

I have had a search but there are so many that I was getting confused with what would suit me. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks

Peevedtoday Thu 20-Oct-16 23:52:10

Hi, I run a lot at night, mainly off road. I think that the Petzl Nao is great, super bright, USB charging, but just over £100. Fine in heavy rain! Slightly cheaper is the Petzl Myo, also super bright. Other Petzl, e.g. tikka are not really bright enough for trails or unlit roads at all. The other brand I rate is LED lenser, especially the SEO 7R. About £50. All are waterproof for running in the rain. If you are running trails I'd suggest getting the brightest you can, nothing worse than tripping over a root because you didn't see it! When shopping look at The lumen rating/count as this tells you how bright they are. If you are running on unlit roads then you may want to think about a rear light too, maybe on a belt... Think of your torch like an investment like good running shoes, but at least the right one will last years, unlike shoes, Happy running!

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