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Started gym 7 weeks ago. Have lost 4lbs of fat but put on 5lbs of muscle

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PikachuSayBoo Sat 15-Oct-16 15:21:14

Gym has one of those Boditrax systems which apparantly scans you internally so not only tells me my weight but also fat mass, bone mass, muscle mass, visceral fat, etc.

Overall since the end of August im 1lb heavier than when I started. Obviously it's good that fat is going down and muscle going up but I wouldn't say that my clothes feel any looser. Wish I had measured myself when I started! I do feel like I'm timing up. My legs look better and are getting some grooves in the side of my thighs.

I do need to lose weight, BMI is 33. I'm going to the gym 4 x a week and spending between 90 mins and 2 hours there each time. Approx 30 mins of cardio and the rest doing weights.

I could do better with my diet. Good days and bad days. So some days it's all veg, chicken, omelettes and then another day I might have a pizza for dinner. But good days are more than bad days.

How long before I actually see a difference/lose weight?

marvelousdcomics Sun 23-Oct-16 18:00:43

I'd say losing weight isn't important - losing the fat is. So, the way you're going is the right way! Well done by the way smile

Just keep exercising, having a balanced diet, drinking enough water and the fat loss will continue.

I once read something that said 'it takes 4 weeks for you to see a difference, 8 weeks for close friends and family, and 12 weeks for everyone else'. It takes time but it will be worth it. Good luck

hazelnutlatte Sun 23-Oct-16 18:06:39

Sounds like you are doing well at the gym, but sadly weight loss is mostly about diet so you will need to make some changes if you want to see weight loss. I know this because I've been going to the gym regularly for more than a year and have barely lost any weight!i Its not all bad news though, increasing your fitness is good for your overall health even if you don't lose weight.

MaidOfStars Wed 02-Nov-16 14:20:52

This is amazing work, OP.

The aim is to lose fat and build lean muscle. What you see on your scales isn't necessarily an accurate picture of your progress.

Start taking measurements. Although I would precaution that I am in the process of building lean muscle and my thigh diameter hasn't actually changed since I lost fat, but the shape is much better. So even measuring might not be a true picture.

A good diet and keep doing what you're doing. It's the right thing!

Ifeelyourpain2 Mon 14-Nov-16 11:31:04

I'd say the machine isn't accurate as it usually takes about a month to put on a pound of muscle, and that is with some seriously dedicated weight training and eating right.

If you're not losing then cut back on food and remember exercise is an aid but not the be all and end all of weight loss.

Good luck!

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