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Quiet home treadmill - does it exist?

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LostAtTheFair Fri 14-Oct-16 19:01:50

I'm looking for a home treadmill to use once the DC are in bed. However I know that the treadmills I use in the gym are noisy. A noisy treadmill is a no go for us - we live in a large house which is just about detatched BUT the floors are wooden so it's not particularly soundproof and I'd have to exercise in a room under a DC's bedroom. Ideally it wouldn't be any louder than a TV at normal volume (I have no idea about decibels or what range is acceptable). Looking to spend £800 or less but could stretch a bit if necessary

So if the holy grail of quiet treadmills exist, I'd be grateful if you could let me know. TIA

LostAtTheFair Sat 15-Oct-16 23:28:26

Bump ... anyone?

Adelie0404 Sun 16-Oct-16 18:18:42

It's so worth it OP. I bought one 13 years ago to run on when a Sahm and still use it and now my 12 year old daughter does!
They are noisy - it's your feet! Mine is no longer made (I know because I searched just the other day) but was more like 1500 back then and is great quality although the display is now failing - all users are 70kg and only 2 programs work! Sorry no specific advice..

LostAtTheFair Sun 16-Oct-16 18:59:46

Thanks Adelie

MrsDesperado Wed 19-Oct-16 09:11:33

Hi Lost I'm sorry I don't have any specific advice but I'd be wary about putting one on wooden floors, we hired a treadmill this year and despite putting it down on top of an old carpet and foam mats it caused a lot of movement to our wooden floorboards which worried us quite a bit - we ended up putting it in the garage (concrete floor). Would that be an option for you? It made a helluva racket too (from your feet pounding) - I'm not sure if that can be changed.

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