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Long lasting swimsuits?

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Sadik Wed 05-Oct-16 16:49:39

Any recommendations for (not too pricey) swimsuits that last reasonably well? Both mine and dd's Adidas swimsuits are going seethrough in places, and I'm sure we've not had them that long. We both swim 2 - 3 times a week in the pool, and don't wear them in the sea, so it's not like they get massive use either.

Toffeelatteplease Wed 05-Oct-16 17:10:21

this speedo one from Amazon and any of the slazenger ones like this from sports direct . That said If you are properly swimming 3 times a week (and remembering to rinse in non chlorinated water I'd only expect to get 6-8 months ish out of a costume. (6 if you are in a Jacuzzi) some last out the year.

Sadik Wed 05-Oct-16 17:20:51

OK, maybe I'm just being overly optimistic, I've looked and I bought dd's in March 2015, mine a couple of months later. If so maybe I'll just go for adidas again (I like the stripes smile )

Toffeelatteplease Wed 05-Oct-16 18:27:20

for three times a week in would have thought that's pretty impressive

yeOldeTrout Wed 05-Oct-16 18:47:17

6 months at your level of use isn't bad value.
I agree it sucks, the equipment costs more than the activity.
I have a Tyr suit which is good quality... while it lasts.
I want a legsuit next, eyeing up the ones on Wiggle.

idontlikealdi Wed 05-Oct-16 18:52:31

The speedo chlorine resist or whatever why're called are really good. Don't wash every use but rinse the Chlorine out. Mine last ages - I have a couple and swim 3/ l4 times a week.

dementedpixie Wed 05-Oct-16 18:55:03

The way you wash them is supposed to make a difference I. E. Rinse rather than wash with detergent and don't use softener

GrendelsAunty Wed 05-Oct-16 19:06:17

Speedo endurance swimsuits last years even if you swim every day.

MrsMook Wed 05-Oct-16 22:49:10

I've just changed my Decathlon cossie. I can't remember its age, but DS2 is 3.5 so could have got it about 3 years ago. I go to the pool weekly for children's lessons, and rotate around a couple of cossies.

Sadik Thu 06-Oct-16 08:14:31

It's actually 18 months, Trout, so I guess not that bad. I'll have a look at Speedo endurance, too, thanks for the recommendation Grendel / Aldi.

lostscot Thu 06-Oct-16 08:17:47

I buy Maru for son who swims 3 times a week, rinse in cold water each time and they last really well.

AgentCooper Thu 06-Oct-16 08:24:31

Watching this with interest...I swim daily and had two lovely, and pretty dear, Zoggs swimsuits which only lasted about 2-3 months before going really saggy and getting holes in them. The one that has lasted me the longest without any wear or tear, weirdly, is a dirt cheap Primark one! Possibly because it's made of thicker fabric.

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