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Finding a Personal Trainer?!

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ImJustAnotherMum Sun 02-Oct-16 17:50:19

Hi Fellow Mums!

My first post here, but I've been around for a while now! My son, Dan, is turning 3 in a few months (already?!) and that got me thinking. Maybe it's time for me to get back to the gym after whats been a long time of me doing anything active!

Has anyone had any experience getting a personal trainer? How would you suggest going about it? Thanks a lot! x

carrie74 Mon 03-Oct-16 12:43:27

Ooh 3 months is still early, but if you're feeling the need to get moving again, go for it!!

When my first was about 6 months old, I signed up to some sessions with a PT at a council gym near my parents' house - they'd babysit for me while I went, and it was exceptional value (think it was £50 for 4 hour long sessions, but this was a LONG time ago, [whispers] 11 years). Once I'd got a bit more fit and gained a bit more confidence, I started running too, training for a 5k race, and in between PT sessions I used to do home DVDs during her morning nap.

My children are now older, but I started seeing a PT again 3 years ago. I now go fortnightly, and he just keeps me on the straight and narrow, making sure I'm being pushed. He'd been used by several local friends, and I knew he was well-qualified from his website and experience.

If I were you, I'd ask around other mums, or go to your gym (whether private or council) and see if there's anyone that looks and sounds to be the right fit for you. Post natal PT sessions are very popular, and many PTs have specific training in this area.

ImperialBlether Mon 03-Oct-16 12:46:15

Her child is 3 in a few months' time, not 3 months old!

ImperialBlether Mon 03-Oct-16 12:46:38

Her child is 3 in a few months' time, not 3 months old!

carrie74 Tue 04-Oct-16 09:21:58

Haha, should read things slower!!

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