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Ankle fracture + toddler to look after, not able to run/swim... Argh!!

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Ruralrunner Tue 20-Sep-16 12:42:52

Hi there,
Couldn't see a similar thread to moan on - just needed to vent!
I fractured my ankle 3 weeks ago (just going down the bloody steps outside - not even an exciting story!). In a boot now but not able to put much weight on it and on crutches. I'm back at work 3 days a week (I'm sitting with leg up and kind colleagues bring me tea/files/sympathy on a regular basis!), which is fine. DH being as helpful as possible, has changed his work hours around where possible to give me lifts to work, drop DS at childcare etc... The prob is when I'm home with the wee one for 3 days a week! He's v good, but I feel so guilty that he's inside and watching SO MUCH telly as I can't take him outside anywhere (we're pretty rural and he runs off into the wide open as soon as we're out - fine when I can come with him, but can't manage on crutches!!) I'm also going stir crazy as I can't run (obvs) and swimming's out for a couple more weeks at least. Also, I love early morning swims in a nearby loch, but there's no way I'll be getting a wetsuit over this bloody foot for at least another month. Soooo.... Anyone have any suggestions for for how to cope with v active toddler or seated cardio exercise I can do?? Anyone been through similar - what did you do? Trying not to stress about weight gain, but am still bummed about it. Any advice appreciated 😬

yeOldeTrout Tue 20-Sep-16 20:39:03

Could you pedal one legged on a turbotrainer?
Sorry, that and light hand weights (buy small hand ones so you're toddler doesn't bash himself with 'em)

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