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How much did you do?

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nervoussam Mon 19-Sep-16 15:47:25

How much and what type of exercise did you do when pregnant? Especially in second trimester?

I'm still going to the gym (modified of course) and have signed up to pregnancy yoga and Pilates for 30+ weeks. Sometimes I just want to lay or have a bath after work though. Just want some reassurance around what level of activity people found helped them weight wise/health wise vs being able to chill just because you're pregnant!

Thanks in advance!

MrsH87 Fri 23-Sep-16 11:46:53

I'd be interested to know what others are doing too. I'm 23 weeks. In second trimester I've been running once or twice a week (short run - half hourish) and trying to swim once a week. I started pregnancy yoga last week, but it doesn't really feel like exercise (although it is lovely). I fell over on a run this week, which terrified me so am thinking about hanging up my trainers and swimming more instead - or just doing some quick walking! Although staying fit is great, don't feel guilty about chilling at home either. I run on my lunch break because I'm useless after work!

MrsMook Fri 23-Sep-16 22:14:44

I got SPD in both my pregnancies. First time I was too exhausted and nauseous in the first half of pregnancy which went directly into my joints grinding up in the second half, so I did very little exercise throughout. I managed swimming widths and aquanatal. Second time, the nausea wasn't so bad and faded off at the end of the first tri. I swapped my circuits class for the gym and kept up buggy fit. By 21-22 weeks I was finding it too tiring to keep up (fortunately the instructor was 12 weeks ahead and ready for her own maternity leave!). I dabbled with aquafit for a few weeks until the SPD kicked in again. My fitness priority was to keep mobile as long as possible which ended up involving crutches.

Really, the right exercise is what works for your body, and everyone's threshold is different. Forcing myself to do more would have been more painful for my joints. I must confess to being envious of women who manage to keep active late into their pregnancies. My friend had the gall to do the GNR at 5 months while I was 7 months and struggling to do a cafe crawl envy grin

Collarsandcutoffs Fri 23-Sep-16 22:23:22

I ran up to about 28/29 weeks and at 25 weeks was still doing about 20 miles a week altho slower and no speed runs.

I stopped running and walked ALOT right up to the end of my pregnancy.
Would walk for an hour a day at least often longer in my second pregnancy as was light evenings so I'd walk late when dc1 asleep

also swam a few times a week and went to gym to do weights and a bit of cross trainer but all very low impact.

I kept thinking that I was in training for labour and the fitter I could be for it the better

I had two super easy labours and kept really active during them which may have been completely about luck but might have been helped by my fitness - will never know!

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