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Quickest way to lose weight.

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Karcheer Fri 16-Sep-16 15:14:00

I'm looking for a quick fix and to build a habit.

I used to be a real gym bunny, had a personal trainer, did classes, had a six pack. Fast forward 10 years... And I've a muffin top, and about 3kgs overweight.
I've joined a gym but struggled to get back into a routine.
Been away in Spain for 10 days looking at my belly and I want it to go.
Do you think running is the best quick fix? Then add in weights etc when I'm a bit lighter and used to going every day?
Any help/advice welcome...

PurpleDaisies Fri 16-Sep-16 15:18:15

I'm about 3kgs overweight too-I'll join you!

For me it's mainly diet (cutting out junk, eating more protein and veg). I need to find a new gym having just moved (hence the 3kg of stress eating fat) but the best thing for me is alternating cardio (body combat, insanity etc) with weights and Pilates/yoga. I'd start weights now rather than waiting.

PurpleDaisies Fri 16-Sep-16 15:19:33

Forgot to ask, when you say "going every day", what are you referring to? I'd worry about injury if you don't have rest days.

Karcheer Fri 16-Sep-16 15:35:49

Oh great a virtual diet/gym buddy!

Diet is my biggest issue tbh too when I was younger I ate and drank what I wanted but I also think that when I'm exercising I eat cleaner anyway, seem to crave healthy things rather than crisps, chocolate, pasta...

I'm looking at a better diet too, I've been much better since we got back on Wednesday

I'd realistically only exercise 6 days a week, as I visit my parents once a week which takes a lot of the day up.

I think ideally I'd run or do cardio classes 3 days a week, something like body pump twice a week and a yoga class to stretch once a week.

But I sort of remember running being addictive and thinking maybe following a 10k training plan or something might give me a day to day thing to tick off iykwim :/

Runningupthathill82 Fri 16-Sep-16 15:38:32

Running, combined with HIIT/circuits.

So maybe four runs and two gym classes a week? Following a 10k training plan is a great idea.

PurpleDaisies Fri 16-Sep-16 15:41:59

We moved house Wednesday! We're just in temporary accommodation until our house is ready but I'm determined to start cooking properly instead of grabbing take aways all the time.

I tried to get in the great north run but didn't get a place-I'm going to aim to be able to run a half marathon without stopping but a 10k would be a very sensible start point given my rubbing took a total nose dive when I had nothing specific to train for. I can't mdo more than four runs a week or I get hip pain. Yoga really helped with that.

PurpleDaisies Fri 16-Sep-16 15:42:45

That should say running not rubbing! At the moment my legs might rub together-that definitely has to stop.

Karcheer Fri 16-Sep-16 15:50:22

My legs definitely rub together sad depressing isn't it.
My dh loves a take away and rubbishy food. So there's always temptation close by.
It's going to take a lot of will power.

PurpleDaisies Fri 16-Sep-16 15:56:50

Absolutely! I'm not starting work until we're in the house so I have two weeks of temptation when I'm home alone with nothing I actually need to do. The scales are in storage and it would be nice to get them back and be down a bit. I've got my running kit and my Garmin so no excuses not to get going. We're also in a lovely holiday cottages with loads of fields around it.

I also have a dh who loves take away-he's 6ft5 and never puts weight on (the jammy so and so). It's galling!

Karcheer Fri 16-Sep-16 16:06:53


Ok, when are we starting and what's our plan?

LizardBreath Fri 16-Sep-16 16:17:58

Can I join too please?

I have found my people! I am very similar in that used to be gym bunny / big runner and used to be able to eat pretty much what I wanted. I also find I eat better when fitter.

work got in the way after Christmas and am also about 4kg overweight now. I sat down naked in front of the mirror earlier (unsure why) not good look! I have rejoined old gym as for me I find combination of cardio and weights classes (ideally Les mills for me) work best.

I've only been back a couple of weeks but I can see changes already.

Karcheer Fri 16-Sep-16 16:23:47

Hi lizardbreath definitely, the more the merrier. Great that you've actually got to the gym, I'm still talking about the concept! I think they say it takes two weeks for you to see a change four weeks for something else and 8 weeks for... Can't remember :/

LizardBreath Fri 16-Sep-16 16:41:11

Haha! I think it's 4 weeks to become a habit? I only know this as I also went to a Herbalife talk thing and that was drummed into us. I'm. It going to do that anyway as I love food too much. Main problem for me!

PurpleDaisies Fri 16-Sep-16 17:08:27

I'd love to stay start right now but realistically I think Sunday/Monday is more likely to be a good start for me, or it'll be straight off the plan and feeling bad.

I'm going to aim for two classes at the gym, plus three runs. Diet I'll cook protein based meals with weighed portions of carbs. I'll restrict crisps/choc to special occasions and snack on fruit or veg instead. I'm also going to look for a 10k just after Christmas. I can only run 5k at the moment so that might be too soon. Really happy to find a little support group!

Karcheer Fri 16-Sep-16 17:16:31

I'm planning to get back to the gym on Monday or Tuesday too. I know I won't before then either.

Tomorrowisanewday Sun 18-Sep-16 09:32:44

Could I join you please? I've never been a runner, I have a joint problem that is exacerbated by that. I love strength work in the gym, mostly with weights. I had a personal trainer, and was doing really well, had lost weight, and toning up enough that people were commenting. But the last six months have been horrendous at work, and I've put all the weight back on that I'd lost through comfort eating, and letting work take over the time I go to the gym. Maybe other people kicking my bum will get me to turn this around.

PurpleDaisies Sun 18-Sep-16 09:49:12

Welcome tomorrow. I think we're an all welcome kind of group here. I've just finished with my PT (moved away) and I'm going to try and keep doing what we did on my own. I suspect it'll be much harder! I'm a big fan of weights and was amazed the difference they made (when I was doing a lot and not eating junk in between).

PurpleDaisies Mon 19-Sep-16 08:02:28

Right, it's Monday. Who's up for starting?

I've got a cold (bleugh) but I'm going to try and either manage a long walk/short run or go to yoga. Eating is going to be...
B : scrambled egg on seeded toast
L : tuna salad
D : leftover cottage pie (small potion) with broccoli, peas and courgettes
Snacks : banana

What's everyone else planning?

Tomorrowisanewday Mon 19-Sep-16 11:01:22

I did an hour in the gym yesterday, mostly weights, but also 15 minutes of cardio. Then spoiled it all by having half a bag of Yorkie buttons for dinner.

Today, I am having:-
B: banana and peanut butter smoothie
S: two satsumas
L: chicken with goats cheese, broccoli and parma ham
S: grapes and one apple
D: sweet potato and lentil soup

And I lost 2 pounds last week. Tip of the iceberg, but better than going up. Just going to weigh myself once a week, I think, or I'll get obsessed.

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