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Kick boxing classes

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Blink1982 Thu 15-Sep-16 21:17:39

Can I ask you what you are paying? I don't know if I'm being swindled but that's what it feels like today.

Basically I signed up for a fitness martial arts kick boxing thing. I'm paying £32 a month for one class a week. I could have paid 40 something for more classes but 32 was steep enough for me. In addition to this I paid £35 registration, this was for the licence and tshirt.

It works put at £8 a class. We were told it was going to be an hour class. It is an hour if you have a belt and all the equipment. As it is I can only take part in 30 mins of the class because I don't have headgear pads and gloves etc to take part in the second half. To buy this I HAVE to buy the equipment through the martial arts school (£130) and not from sports direct for £30. Apparently this is to do with insurance. We also can't borrow theirs ... because of insurance. Despite being able to use the pads for kicking in the 30 minutes we are involved in.

I get that to be graded I would have to pay for each exam, that's fine. But the rest is making me uneasy.

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