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21/22 Weeks still running/workout - Time to stop?

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Madeline29 Mon 12-Sep-16 16:59:35

Hi ladies. Hope everyone is well. I'm almost 22 weeks pregnant still running. I did the park run over the weekend near us its a hilly one. Ever since the left hand side of my back is really sore not sure if I've just overdone it or if it's time for me to stop running.

Any advice? what were you doing around 22 weeks in the gym? Im really finding it harder now.

fourmonthstogo Mon 12-Sep-16 17:08:07


Congratulations! You've probably just overdone it a little, take it easy for a bit.

With my second I had to stop running at 16 weeks as it just felt very uncomfortable, but I carried on doing body pump and the gym till 36 weeks - cross-training and bike at the gym followed by weights, did body balance til 39 weeks and swimming until the day before he was born at 41 weeks.

For me it was well worth it and still very much enjoyable.

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