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My training buddy turns out to be a lot faster than me

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Thisisnotworking Sun 11-Sep-16 13:41:40

I run regularly with a friend and in the past it seemed we were about the same speed. We run twice a week, then each on their own on weekend. I do parkrun plus strength training and a long run. In races she often did finish faster than me, maybe 2 min in a 12k and 5min in a half marathon. On both occasions I was a bit sick before and during the race so was still very happy with my time and great for her.
So now I've finally managed to drag her along to parkrun. I've done 60+ and my pb is 26min but that was last year and I'm more like 28 at the moment. I knew she would be fast but that she would clock in at 24:30 did surprise me. That's a pace I do not see myself managing in the near future. Now I feel I am too slow to even be training with her. I am obviously holding her back and don't want to always huff and puff. Or ask to go slower. I am a bit embarrassed to be honest, I take running quite seriously and love talking about training plans, gear ect. My friend just goes out and does it.

How do I tell her? She will laugh it off and run slow with me (like she obviously has been doing) rather than by herself but I feel so stupid. Her DH is away for a bit and then it's the holidays (in Oz) so I guess I can avoid running with her for a while. I really don't want to run with her until I'm fitter.
Am I being stupid? Anyone else felt like this before?

yeOldeTrout Sun 11-Sep-16 13:45:43

Don't be daft, she obviously enjoys training with you & it doesn't harm her performance at all.

(mind you, the times you posted just remind why it's a bit of a fat lie when people claim "Park runs are just for fun and not competitive at all").

MephistoMarley Sun 11-Sep-16 13:49:53

You can do 5k in 26 minutes? Blimey. Well done! That's really fast to me! I cover 3k in 26 minutes grin

Thisisnotworking Sun 11-Sep-16 13:59:25

I know, I know, our runs are about spending time together too. Still feel stupid for taking running so seriously and thinking I'm quite talented/fast.

Of course there's a bit of competition at parkrun. But unlike "proper" races even the last finisher gets cheered on, it's much more inclusive. And I'm not really in competition with my friend, it's more with myself

Thisisnotworking Sun 11-Sep-16 14:02:34

Thanks Marley! You cover 3km though, many people don't smile

MephistoMarley Sun 11-Sep-16 14:43:31

Thanks grin I'm proud of myself. Haven't done 5k yet but that's because I get bored after half an hour on my own, I know I could. No park runs near me sadly

GoldFishFingerz Thu 15-Sep-16 20:27:36

The difference is minimal really and you both enjoy training together, so continue.

Can you do an extra speed run each week - just two miles as fast as you can.

Or occasionally sprint in your longer runs.

Collarsandcutoffs Thu 15-Sep-16 20:57:07

My 5km PB is 20.20 and I train with a friend who runs about a 24.
It doesn't matter. I do my tempo run on a different day and what she classes as a steady is an easy pace to me but we still enjoy it and chat.
Not every run has to be about hitting paces and in fact most shouldn't be.
Running is sociable.
If your friend wants to do quicker runs she can do park run fast and run with you for fun.

Compete with yourself and use her speed to push you on and get your park run time down too.

Thisisnotworking Fri 16-Sep-16 07:21:13

Thank you gold and collars! You're right of course, it doesn't really matter. I was just quite surprised I guess. And a bit pissed off with myself that despite doing fartleks, hill sprints, intervals I just can't get any faster. She dies none of that, she just is faster naturally. I have to stop comparing, more motivating!
My new training regime is getting more sleep grin

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