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New trainer assistance please!

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LazyDoll Sat 10-Sep-16 13:02:45

My second pair of Asics are due to be replaced and my exercise routine has changed a fair bit so I'm not sure if I could make do with 'cheaper' trainers now or not?!
I used to run up to 30km a week so needed a lot of support/cushioning.
I've since mixed up my exercise routine to include bootcamp, running but 5-8km max runs and mountain biking.
Have been looking at karrimor which are a fraction of the price but wondering if I get them will I just end up spending twice and should just bite the bullet and stick with what I'm used too!?
Help please!!

londonmummy1966 Sat 10-Sep-16 16:55:07

Possibly try dropping to a cheaper level of Asics - so if you are in kayanos possibly try a GT 2000 or 1000. Also try getting them on line as you know the size you need - I often get a bargain on Their sale section currently has GT1000s for about £55 if you don't mind the aqua version. If you only need cushioning then you ought to be able to pick up a good mid point model on there for about £40-45 depending on foot size.

I think if you are running up to 8k then it is still worth sticking to a decent shoe. Another option might be to buy a second cheaper pair of trainers for non-running activities as then your expensive runners will last longer - so a bit of upfront investment but savings in the longer term?

LazyDoll Sat 10-Sep-16 17:04:51

Oh thank you!
I've been umming and ahhing and it's nice to have a bit of help!
I think I've had gel cumulus before?!
I'll check out the site you've linked to.
Also I usually wear a size 5 shoe and have had 2 size 5.5 Asics. This time they have worn where my big toes are...too small?! I've heard since you should go up a full size in trainers? hmm

londonmummy1966 Mon 12-Sep-16 12:57:05

Been busy running over the weekend - just had a look on the website and they have Cumulus in your size for £65 or the Gel Pulse which is the next one down for about £50 if you don't mind bright pink.... I'd stick with the Cumulus at this level though as £15 isn't a lot extra to pay for a shoe that you know suits your feet.

If you're not sure about the size you do need to have them fitted - Sweatshop are good if there is one near you. You could ask them which model they would recommend if you were to "downsize". The great think about Sweatshop is that the staff are all running nuts who seem keener to kit you out with what you need rather than trying to foist the most expensive model on you. At one stage they even told me to buy the cheaper GT2000 as people were complaining they didn't like changes made to the kayano. I have the same size feet as you and wear a 5.5 as a 6 feels like a boat but if you are going through the upper then it may be you need more room at the front. Take the shoes with you to show the shop. You may need to fork out a bit more for shoes again this time round but you'll know what you need to buy more cheaply online in the future.

LazyDoll Fri 16-Sep-16 21:17:05

Thank you so much!
Myself and a friend have a trainer date in a couple of weeks - taking my old pair is inspired I will definitely do that. Great plan!! And I totally agree once I've got it right this time I'll feel much happier sourcing a bargain online in the future flowers

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