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10,000 steps a day New school year start today.

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Bin85 Thu 01-Sep-16 05:21:18

I've signed up to do 10,000 steps a day in September with the Walk All Over Cancer event.
Anyone else doing this?
My kids have left home now so I don't actually have a school run to do.Its going to mean leaving the car at home , walking to shops etc if I don't make a bit of extra effort I won't achieve it!
All welcome to cheer each other on and get fitter.

Bin85 Thu 01-Sep-16 07:24:51

Bump for those just getting up!

JamieVardysParty Thu 01-Sep-16 20:37:18

That sounds great. I've been trying to do 10k - difficult as I work from home and normally just sat on the sofa/desk. I have a Fitbit and have a reminder on my phone to go off every hour so I can move.

I either go for a quick 5 min walk around the block or even just march up an down on the spot. Although I've not signed up to the event, I'm happy to check in for the accountability!

carrie74 Thu 01-Sep-16 21:39:13

I've signed up too! Only 7.5k steps today, so I need to make sure I get my averages up on non-working days!

MeIAm Thu 01-Sep-16 21:55:25

Ooo can I check in too please?

I do nowhere near enough steps everyday blush

MeIAm Thu 01-Sep-16 22:00:56

Should of added that my step count today is 4,600 blush

I only have my iPhone as a tracker though so I'd like to try to get that to 10,000 a day.

absolutelynotfabulous Thu 01-Sep-16 22:04:51

I prefer to measure my steps in time; how long would it take to accrue 10,000, do you reckon?

Another one struggling to find opportunities for walking....

Bin85 Fri 02-Sep-16 06:33:17

This is great.
Welcome everybody !
( I thought my thread was dead and I was going to be Billy No Mates)
I'm at home too and have a Fitbit.It does make me do a bit more but to get anywhere near 10,000 I need to make a special effort.
Yesterday I was determined so walked to meet some friends whereas normally I'd have used the car.
I find 1,000 steps is about 10 minutes so hope that's helpful?
Good luck to everyone today

Steps day 1 = 10,111

absolutelynotfabulous Fri 02-Sep-16 07:25:42

Well done on your steps!

I walk an hour a day, but briskly. So I'm a bit short of the 10,000.

What tips fo you have for reaching the 10,000?

I'm fine on a "home" day but office days are difficult..

AuntieStella Fri 02-Sep-16 07:31:48

Are iPhone pedometers any good?

And does anyone have recommendations?

I do have a pedometer, but always forget to put the damned thing on or mis-set it or something. So something that would quietly count away without me really having to do anything might be useful.

walruswhiskers Fri 02-Sep-16 07:37:21

I've done 10k as a matter of course most holiday days (teacher). Some days way more - 23k a couple of times! But went back to work yesterday and step count slumped to only 4K. It was a training day so mostly meetings but a normal work day is only about 5-6k so I need to get out to top it up. I managed 25 mins walking yesterday evening but I do hate being more sedentary so am determined to try and keep the movement up through September.

MsMermaid Fri 02-Sep-16 07:43:59

I'd like to join you all too please. I haven't signed up for the event but am trying to get my 10,000 steps a day to help with my weight loss. I've done pretty well over the school holidays (I'm a teacher too) apart from the few days that dd2 just didn't want to leave the house, so going for a walk was impossible as I can't leave her at home without me.

Yesterday was an inset day and my total steps was only 3500, and I felt really ill when I got home so didn't fancy going out to up my steps, just did dinner and bedtime then went to bed myself.

Bin85 Fri 02-Sep-16 08:30:44

Lots of teachers !
I'm one too but don't go into school any more.
I got a Fitbit flex when it was reduced on Amazon and love it ( I put my pedometer through the wash!)
I tried using my phone but found it drained the battery / memory too quickly
Tips for getting to 10,000--Not got many I'm afraid .I do try and find excuses for walks so today I have a thank you card I can deliver that will notch up 2-3000, just pounding the streets isn't so effective.
I also have a little chart on my Fitbit's dashboard ( on phone ) so between certain hours ( I do 7am to 10 pm ) little circles light up if you do 250 steps in an hour.
This is rather shaming if you don't and makes me jump up during adverts if watching TV!!

Bin85 Fri 02-Sep-16 08:56:44

Just searched 10,000 steps on Pinterest and there are lots of tips on there.
However looking at Pinterest isn't helping my step count !!!

absolutelynotfabulous Fri 02-Sep-16 10:21:33

Do any of you walk at home (I mean on a machine or just randomly walking in the spot)?.

JamieVardysParty Fri 02-Sep-16 10:56:20

I do a lot of randomly walking on the spot! Especially when I'm stuck on some work thing and trying to think. I'll do a 5-10 mins marching on the spot every couple of hours.

Bin85 Fri 02-Sep-16 14:24:46

After a morning of paperwork and phone calls I'm off round the block before it rains!
How's everyone else doing today?

absolutelynotfabulous Fri 02-Sep-16 15:11:29

I've done 5,000 steps. I'll need to create another walking opportunity later, somehow.

JamieVardysParty Fri 02-Sep-16 16:00:33

Also on 5000 although going to the gym later so that should boost it a bit.

absolutelynotfabulous Fri 02-Sep-16 17:22:52

Anyone know how to convert steps into calories? I'm used to counting calories, but not steps.

I'd like to be able to convert steps to calories, then food. If that makes sense.

JamieVardysParty Fri 02-Sep-16 17:30:39

I'm sure I read something relating to my Fitbit that says 10k steps per day equates to burning about 3-3.5k calories per week ie 1 lb of fat.

I'm currently running at a 3.5k weekly calorie deficit so hopefully food + this increased walking means a kilo per week off for me!

MsMermaid Fri 02-Sep-16 19:07:38

I'm up to 7,900 steps today. I've done a lot of moving stuff around at work, swapping desks from one room to another, shifting textbooks from my classroom to the store cupboard and bringing others back to my room, clearing out last year's work down to the recycling bins, etc. I feel like I've done loads of walking so I'm a little bit annoyed that now I need to go and walk another 2,000 steps. I think I'll go and collect some grass from the field near us for my guinea pigs.

Bin85 Fri 02-Sep-16 21:06:12

I'm only on 8000+too !
Currently pacing the garden instead of dishing up. supper It getting dark early isn't it?

MeIAm Fri 02-Sep-16 21:18:15

Day 2 and I'm only on 6,231 (every step counts!) Better than yesterday but still quite a way off target. I may have to invest in a wrist pedometer to record them properly.

absolutelynotfabulous Fri 02-Sep-16 21:36:33

I've just discovered that you burn a calorie for every 20 steps.

That's not many calories sad.

Do you all calculate all steps? I only count the "going for a walk" ones as I have no other method of calculating.

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