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Which Jillian DVD? 7 weeks until my wedding!😬

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maitaimojito Thu 25-Aug-16 07:20:12

So I have just under 7 weeks until I get married and could do with some help on deciding which of the JM DVDs to do next.

I'm just finishing 30DS this week and I do feel stronger, although I'm not sure whether I've lost any inches. I have made it to the 30 days but I have had rest days and days where I have done other things such as circuit class at the gym. Must find my tape measure to check my measurements!

I don't have loads to lose - my waist was 28 before I started and hips 36. I'm somewhere between a size 10 and 12 and could just do with losing an extra inch or so from my hips and toning up. I was wondering which of the other DVDs would suit me best.

I've got Ripped in 30, 1 Week Shred and 6 Week Six Pack plus some of the other more targeted workouts that come in the box sets.

To be honest I think my main issue now is food - I need to really cut down on sugar which is proving difficult. I just end up switching from eating crap to eating fruit/dried fruit/cereal bars as snacks which are obviously still sugar laden. I find that the more I exercise, the hungrier I get which doesn't help!

If there are any Jillian experts out there that could give me some info on their experience of the other DVDs that would be great. TIA.

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