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Can anyone help me find my mojo please?

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WildRoses Fri 05-Aug-16 00:38:25

Desperately seeking my mojo! In other words need a good, hard kick up the arse.
I used to do loads of running events and ran miles every week. Then I got cancer, beat it, got better but got out of training and running. I've started training again with weights and martial arts as I've always done but can't get back into running. I have always loved it and it keeps my waistline in check. I turn 40 soon and want to celebrate by doing a 10k run. I managed 1k today but struggled a bit. I need to get a grip of this challenge and beat it. So I just need a little encouragement. Please. :-)

Lonoxo Fri 05-Aug-16 17:18:56

Well done on beating cancer!
I think you might have to sign up for a race, it's the only way I can motivate myself if I know I have to do X distance by a certain date, especially if I have already paid for it.
If you are close to a park run, perhaps that will help? I need targets to aim for so I would like to get a 50 t-shirt, want to set a new PB or do a bit of park run tourism and try out different runs near me.
Good luck!

WildRoses Mon 15-Aug-16 21:50:01

Thank you Lonoxo. I've signed up to my local park run now. The 5km which is a good start. Ivery just been doing about 2km around where I live at the mo to get started.

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