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Need to shed some baby weight!

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CaramelPrincess Thu 28-Jul-16 21:10:35

Had my DS 5 months ago and am still EBF. I'm currently struggling with my diet as I have developed a sweet tooth since having him which I didn't have before, and the hours spent often bored at home means I have no willpower either!
I'm looking for a fairly gentle exercise video I can do at home while he is napping that will help burn a few of the extra calories. Don't want anything too extremely energetic as due to BF my boobs are very large & tender when bounced too much!
Any suggestions on which to try?

TheABC Thu 28-Jul-16 21:31:02

Hi OP, I know how you feel! I am following the slimming world easy plan to combat the sweet tooth. A few suggestions:

- 10 minutes pilates; little boob bounce and easy to fit around the kids
- Buggy fit - check if this is run in one of the parks around your area. It's a nice way to burn calories and everyone is in the same boat as you.
-mutu system. 12 weeks of exercises you can do at home, designed to tone you up and fix your post - baby stomach. It's not cheap, but you get lifetime membership and I am doing it again after my second baby.
- Davina's 30 minute workout. A more conventional workout with a low impact option.

Good luck and congratulations with the new arrival. smile

CaramelPrincess Fri 29-Jul-16 12:07:42

Fantastic, thank you so much for the suggestions!!

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