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Q for those doing c25k

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Feckinlego Fri 15-Jul-16 18:29:18

What, if any, exercise do you do on the other 4 days? I'm feeling a bit lost and would love to do something. But I don't want to injure myself. Would something like walking or yoga be acceptable? Any advice would be welcome!

Migrant2 Fri 15-Jul-16 18:31:44

Either of those are good. So are swimming or cycling but not stair machines ( too much work on your calves)

gerbo Fri 15-Jul-16 18:33:08

Hello! I did c25k last year and its fantastic. Took me by surprise how much i enjoyed it.
I would think walking would be harmless and beneficial, speedy walking which gets your heart going. I'm no expert though! To be honest three times a week was tricky enough to fit in.
Good luck with your c25k.

Feckinlego Fri 15-Jul-16 20:02:42

Ive been walking each day and hated to miss it. Love my me time. Great to know I don't have to stop. Thanks for the replies guys smile

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