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Running in the rain

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DailyFailAteMyFish Fri 01-Jul-16 19:29:03

Hi All,
What can I wear to run in the rain? Is there some kind of coat/top that repels water but doesn't make you extra sweaty/like you are wrapped in clingfilm?

MrsMook Fri 01-Jul-16 20:20:22

In milder weather I just wear close fitting clothes that don't get uncomfortable.

I have a light shower resistant hoodie type top that I wear in cooler conditions. The more the water is kept out, the more the sweat is kept in.

A cap is useful for keeping rain out of your eyes.

lovelybangers Fri 01-Jul-16 20:22:22

I will set off out in a light showerproof running jacket- but end up taking it off halfway round.

Am going to get wet anyway so don't much care by then.

But yes to a baseball cap. It keeps the rain from hurting your eyes.

OooLookShoes Fri 01-Jul-16 20:39:21

If it's warm then just normal non waterproof clothes, breathable stuff so it dries off if the rain stops.

If it's cooler then a windproof is good, you get wet, but not sweaty and dry off quicker if it fairs up

If it's cold the I have a buffalo techlite which is mint. I wear a light breathable t shirt under it

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