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Moving from half to full marathon

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RobsAKnob Sun 26-Jun-16 08:56:41

Looking for advice please - I'm a regular runner and have done quite a few half-marathons, and now want to the whole thing. Can anyone recommend an app? I used the Zenlabs c25k about 3/4 years ago to get me started, which really worked for me - has anyone used their marathon app? And if so, where do you think I should start in it? I'm a slogger - about 2h20m for a half - but quite fit. I don't do enough core work although I do Pilates once a week. Quite an erratic work schedule so would find it difficult to join a running club. And I don't really like People anyway smile

I think I need instructions going straight into my head via my ears rather than an easily-ignorable paper plan.

Thank you.

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