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Completed 5k and now trying to reach 10k. Anyone else?

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Toowittoowoo Mon 20-Jun-16 14:54:03

I've really enjoyed C25k and am now managing 5k in just under 30mins. Now I am looking forward to the next challenge and I am trying to reach 10k in 1hour. I live in a hilly town and I am struggling to fit in more than 2 runs a week so it is still (enjoyably) hard going.

I'd love to hear from other people and your challenges and goals.

Zame Mon 20-Jun-16 17:03:26

Hi, I've done it using the zen labs app. Are you using anything like that? I finished the programme about a month or two ago and now regularly run a 10k. I'm trying to improve my times now, I think one challenge is keeping it interesting, so I try and vary the routes I take and also finding the time to do it can be tricky as it takes an hour for me

Toowittoowoo Mon 20-Jun-16 17:46:15

I haven't heard of zen labs app.....I shall look now.


Nannaboppa Mon 20-Jun-16 18:03:27

I started running 6 years ago after being persuaded by my running sister to enter the GNR, I got a place & started training. I was a very overweight, unfit, couch potatoe & hated running at first! It hurt, I got loads of rude comments off unknown people, drivers, etc.
6 years down the line, 4 1/2 stone lighter & after loads of 10ks umpteen half's & 6 Marathons I love it & can't imagine life without it!
Do you do parkrun?

Nannaboppa Mon 20-Jun-16 18:05:13

I'm injured at the moment but my ultimate goal is a ultramarathon..theres a 50 miler I've got my eye on!

Zame Mon 20-Jun-16 18:22:11

I liked the apps as I can tick off when a run was completed and really see the progress I was making, I like the structure smile also, well done on completing the 5k! Feels great to achieve thay

0ellenbrody0 Mon 20-Jun-16 20:36:40

Hmmmmm, will contemplate joining you toowit, I completed c25k a few weeks ago and now run 3x5 per week. I'm super slow though and never managed a sub 30, 32 being my best at last weeks parkrun.

I would definitely need an app though. I'll watch and see what others people recommend whilst pondering my options grin.

Toowittoowoo Mon 20-Jun-16 22:09:31

Hello all, I have looked at the zen lab app and I like the plan. It is more like the C25k whereby I would be out for the full 60mins but just not running all of it.

My current plan is just to add small bits onot my existing route until I reach 10k. Currently I am on 6.5k at a pace of just under 6min/km.

Nanna - your story is amazing. When I am struggling to reach 10k is somehow seems unbelievable that it marathon (let alone a ultra marathon) would ever be physically possible. It is amazing and exactly the type of thing I need to hear!

Due time constraints I think i'll use the zen app 10k plan once a week and then my shorter run another once or twice a week. I know it will take longer but I don't think I can fine an whole hour 3 times a week to be out of house!

Also what kit do people have? I know I need new trainers at some point but don't know where to start. I do however have an old garmin watch that a friend has lent me. It is not a fancy one but I records distance and pace etc. and syncs to Strava which saves me running with my phone. I love my garmin!

Does anyone else use Strava?

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Tue 21-Jun-16 14:09:31

Hello all!
I have just started running after not having so much as run for the bus for 12 years, but it turns out that thanks to my constant brisk walking (a mile to school and back, sometimes three times a day) I was fitter than I thought - I was expecting to need to work my way through C25K but I managed 2.5km the first time and got to 5k last Friday.

I am very slow though - my pace last run was 11.19 minutes a mile. So my primary aim is to break the 10 minute/mile barrier, and to gradually increase the length of runs with a view to eventually being able to do 10k.

I'm using Map My Run (the free app) to measure speed and distance but don't think I want to use an app that talks to me - I like the peace and quiet.

I was truly shit at running at school (slowest or second slowest in the class) and not surprisingly hated it, so this is a bit of a revelation. DH is gobsmacked - he has always run regularly and he thought I was going to struggle a lot more than I did, so when I came back from my third run he was like 'Are you ok? You've been gone ages, I was about to go and look for you!' and his jaw dropped when I explained I'd been having a lovely time and made it to the next village and back grin

Zame Tue 21-Jun-16 15:53:03

Yes I use and love strava! Well,less so at the moment as I seem very slow but I love seeing how my times on certain segments compare to other people's.
I've just got £30 trainers from sports direct although I'm considering going to a proper running shop in the next couple of months perhaps and seeing for if I need better trainers. I've had really achey calves for ages.
I've also got a cheapy running belt for my phone,inhaler and keys. If it's raining I put my phone in a plastic bag and then in the running belt to keep it dry smile I was considering one of those little water bottles which is kind of oval shaped so you can grip it easily but so far I've been getting by with just having a big drink before I set off.
I would absolutely love love love a garmin but I can't justify it yet as I only recently got a Fitbit charge HR

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Tue 21-Jun-16 20:41:52

I really needed water yesterday. It was hot and windy and I had decided to leave the water at home and take my phone instead. Oh well, you live and learn. I have an armband phone holder on order now so I will be able to have both phone and water in future.

IDoAllMyOwnStunts Tue 21-Jun-16 21:44:35

I devised my own running plan when I went from 5-10k. I ran 3 x a week and did 2 x 5k runs. The 3rd run I kept increasing by 500m each time so over 10 weeks I got to 10k. I Also made one of my 5k runs each week a hilly run which really got my speed up. I ended up doing my 10k race in 52:12 which exceeded my expectations. Was dead chuffed.
Good luck with it OP X

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Wed 22-Jun-16 21:21:54

I like the sound of that. Did you focus on improving your speed on the 5k runs or did you basically just go with the flow and any improvement in speed happened by itself?

IDoAllMyOwnStunts Wed 22-Jun-16 22:35:14

The 5k runs just improved naturally as I did more hills.. I was like you doing 5k in just under 30 mins, a few weeks of one hilly run a week and I started to speed up dramatically. Always thought I wouldn't manage hills but now I love them.

If I'm struggling up them I walk 20 steps then run 20 steps. Just build in small ones to start with and build up gradually. Best of luck!

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Thu 23-Jun-16 12:37:36

Thank you!
There aren't a lot of hills around here, more gentle slopes, though there is one towards the end of my normal route which handily has evenly-spaced trees along it.

MsColouring Sat 25-Jun-16 11:37:48

Hi. Can I join you? Finished C25k at half term and now on the zen labs 10k app week 3. Trying to run 3 times a week but sometimes just doing 5k if I've got less time. Really enjoying it.

MaterofDragons Sat 25-Jun-16 12:40:35

I started the zen labs 10k app and managed to get to my first 10k run. I'm was so chuffed but then caught a horrible cold and have barely managed any running since.

This thread has inspired me to get back out there. I think I may need to go back to doing 5k 3x a week first though.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Sat 25-Jun-16 13:45:21

Well done on getting to 10K, Mater!
Hello, MsColouring smile

I have been feeling for my last couple of runs like I can only JUST manage the 3 miles and I don't have any resources at the moment for going further. Maybe I need to kind of let my fitness consolidate for a few weeks before adding distance? That said, my speed is slowly improving.

0ellenbrody0 Sat 25-Jun-16 20:14:00

idoallmyownstunts I love that training plan! That would deffo work for me. 1x 5k, 1x parkrun and then 1x increasing by 500m each time.

I'm going to try that smile

IDoAllMyOwnStunts Sat 25-Jun-16 20:49:26

0ellenbrody - good one! I found it motivating just to have a plan to stick to in my head. I Still do one longer run a week (about 8.5k) and 2 shorter ones (5k), it's seems a routine that I've stuck to beyond my 10k race.

Must book in for another race soon, this thread is motivating me!

0ellenbrody0 Mon 27-Jun-16 19:59:01

I started the new regime. Have done a 5k parkrun and will run another 5k on weds, but today I did 6k. Next week will try 5, 5, 6.5 and see how it all goes.

I did go slower today to compensate for the extra bit so I might have to try and up the pace a little next time.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Mon 27-Jun-16 20:19:26

I had a really good run today - got my 3 miles down from 33 minutes to 31 minutes.
When I get it under 30 minutes I will start adding some more distance.
I think the weather made all the difference - nice fresh breeze and not too hot, plus I had all the kit I needed (hip bag for my phone, water bottle with a sports top so I didn't have to stop to unscrew the lid).

anotherdayanother Mon 27-Jun-16 20:52:08

The same thing here yesterday Countess - Just under 31mins and I felt the same about the weather making a difference. Please can you link to the hip bag?

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Mon 27-Jun-16 21:16:34

It was this one but tbh I think they are all much of a muchness.

Zame Mon 27-Jun-16 22:00:54

I think I might need to start again from 5k due to leg pain. Very frustrating but I really enjoy the structure of a plan smile

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