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Beachbody thread 4 (P90X, Insanity, T25 etc)

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RoastieToastieReastie Mon 13-Jun-16 12:44:22

I hope you can find me! I went to post in the old thread but it had reached its limit.

Here's to an energetic, fit, healthy, and strong summer ahead.

KatieKaboom Mon 13-Jun-16 12:49:58

Thanks for the thread Roastie! Durr, sorry for accidentally filling the last one up.

Only, xpost, FABULOUS work on the pushups!! They are my bete noire and it's so SATISFYING to make progress. Thrilled for you. grin

Home workouts are the best. I can run outside happily because I wear headphones, but no way would I want to sweat and squat and so on in a room full of Adonises

RoastieToastieReastie Mon 13-Jun-16 12:50:57

Katie does the you tube version of pump not say what the weight level should be? On the bb did I have (which I think is the same) then every time the trainers change weights there a little thing that comes up on the screen with what sort of weight a beginniner/intermediate/advanced person should lift.

Sorry for the rubbish weigh ins. Hopefully quick in and quick off though.

Only yay to the push-ups.

Yumy I totally agree with DVDs, in fact, I'm fitter now than when I did workout classes/gym trips as I think the bb DVDs are better than the classes at my gym I went to. Hope your leg is aching less today.

X stretch here today as I'm on p90x recovery week. Feels like a cop out as I'm so used to workouts on a Monday morning but I quite enjoyed it, I even did a little mindfulness meditation at the end of it. I didn't feel like I'd worked out but I did feel like I'd given my insides a big hug. Does everyone here to stretch type DVDs every week? I always just ignore them but maybe I'm missing a trick and that's why I've had a couple of injuries. Atm I do 5 X workouts a week 3 p90x weights and 2 cardio) a yoga class and a day off. I wonder when I finish p90x if I should do two weights, two cardio and two flexibility type ones or if one is enough (ie the yoga class).

KatieKaboom Mon 13-Jun-16 14:18:23

I like stretching DVDs but I do them probs twice a month max.

Re: barbell, they do have such recommendations, but I was wondering how heavy their barbell itself is without weights. I wouldn't have thought it was too heavy judging by the way they move theirs, but then again they are obvs super-fit!

onlywhenyouleave Mon 13-Jun-16 14:20:11

Yay found you smile

Roastie I really try to do T25 stretch once a week - like you, it doesn't feel like a workout but it does feel good and I still get that 'buzz' when I am done iyswim. However, if you are doing yoga once a week, I would say that is pretty much the same thing.

Atm, my hybrid schedule is 1 short cardio day, 1 arm day, 1 abs day, 1 leg day, 1 circuit-type day, 1 long cardio day and 1 stretch day. I am really enjoying the variety.

Katie yes, I do make my own fajitas - I got a recipe years ago to make the fajita seasoning so I use that with either chicken or steak (or both on Saturday night blush). Don't have it very often now as it is not strictly on mine or DH's diet but I bloody love them (and all Mexican is definitely my favourite cuisine aswell!) We occasionally have Taco Tuesdays which are lovely with roast chicken meat and then all the sauces and grated cheese which the kids love as they think they are in the Lego movie grin

Thanks for the kind words about my press-ups - I realise most of you probably already smash them on your toes but it just feels like such an achievement for me. I think one of the differences between working out in a class at the gym and at home is that I am not afraid to try stuff at home - I would never have tried one on my toes in a class as I know it looks really pathetic that I only moved down about 2 inches but at home there is no-one to see and it wouldn't matter if I collapsed on the floor in a heap grin

Jellibelli Mon 13-Jun-16 16:20:12

May I join you all? I am a relapsed Jillianer and comfort eater, (but after a couple of unpleasant managers I have stopped working) and am now on week 3 of T25 and following my diet on mfp. I am getting to know the DVDs a bit now and no longer feel like the hopeless new girl in class, it feels like i am improving, the scales say up shock but the tape measure said down in places already grin. I am intrigued by the abbreviations you all use but beginning to wonder about what to do next after Beta! I like a program, me. I fall off the wagon if i haven't a program to follow <no disclipline>

yumyumpoppycat Mon 13-Jun-16 16:23:15

Hi All, partly marking place as havent worked out yet today.

Only that is fantastic about pushups, I know exactly what you mean about classes, anytime I go to a class I always get put off by how much more time the instructor spends correcting me on form compared to everyone else blush

I don't really do stretches I have to admit =, but I feel like once a week is a good aim, I read somewhere that yoga doesn't give the benefits of say resistance but can have high rates of injury, but there are defo fans of yoga out there who would no doubt have a counter argument with lots of benefits.

yumyumpoppycat Mon 13-Jun-16 16:25:09

Hi Jelli welcome!! Very weird about your scales but lots of people think its better to go by measurments anyway.

Boobz Mon 13-Jun-16 16:31:25


Jacksterbear Mon 13-Jun-16 21:06:23

Ooh yay found you!

Welcome jelli (I'm a JM fan too smile).

Just typed out a post on the old thread before realising it was full. Managed to copy it though, so will paste here (sorry it's now slightly behind as the conversation has moved on a bit!):

caitlin and Roastie, re Cize. From what I saw, I reckon it could be a decent cardio workout but only if one were to really throw oneself into it - which of course you can't really do until familiar with the choreography. I think I'd be too impatient and resent the "waste" of time while learning, too much! However o light give it the occasional go, for fun.

Katie I have done Pump a handful of times at the gym (les mills body pump - assume you are referring to this) but always struggle to get the weights right and end up regretting my choice for being too heavy or too light. It's another one where you need to do it regularly and get to know the format well to get the list out of it I think! Anyway, I know that I use 20kgs for the heaviest stuff and down to 2x2.5 kgs for the lightest, if that is at all helpful.

only, great work on the burpee front. smile

Glad you agree with me re Insanity, poppy. grin

T25 gamma pyramid done today (first time). Enjoyed it, liked the format.

<waves> and <high 5s> all round to everyone else.

Purpleraindeer Mon 13-Jun-16 21:35:52

New thread - yay!
That's great re the press ups only! Brilliant progress - getting to full on hardcore press ups is a big achievement. So few people I know in real life can do them.

Am rubbish at doing the stretch DVDs. Can't be bothered. I did notice the day I didn't bother to do the stretch in one of the insanities I pulled something in my calf so I know there is something in it. On that note - did max interval circuit for the last time tonight. Woo hoo! grin that work out is a b@stard. humidity is terrible here. Nearly drowned in sweat after 2 rounds of warm up so you can imagine how bad it was by the end.

Welcome jelli

Boobz - are you place marking or are you a woman of few words today?!

Have a good eve all. My legs are tired - can't be bothered to even get up from sofa to go upstairs!

EleanorAbernathy Mon 13-Jun-16 23:48:42

Poppping in to mark place in new thread!
No workout today, but got a ton of work in the bedroom done and it's made my shoulders ache more than Jillian Michaels has ever done already! grin

The old manky wardrobe is now dead and buried at the local tip. Will definitely try and fit in a run tomorrow, then onto T25 Beta smile

MinnieF1 Mon 13-Jun-16 23:52:25

Hello - please can I join? I have recently cancelled my gym membership and I've decided to start working out at home. Ive been doing Davina's 7 minute fit for the last few weeks. I am going to start insanity tomorrow! I have had it since February blush

To those who have done insanity, am I going to die what can I expect?

I weigh 12st, I'm 5ft6" and a size 14. I'd like to get down to a size comfortable size 12/ maybe a 10. My problem area is my waist. I have always carried my extra weight there.

Boobz Tue 14-Jun-16 07:39:37

Was just place marking Purple...

Having a day off, because (TMI) I got my period today! Which is momentous as I haven't had one since the first cycle of chemotherapy, and I thought I was forever menopausal but it's all kicked back into gear! Woop! Hopefully this will mean I stop going grey smile

But I haven't got any essentials so am off to the chemist...

So so pleased I am not in the menopause! Deserving of a day off I reckon...

MinnieF1 Tue 14-Jun-16 08:01:18

Really happy for you Boobz smile

lavenderhoney Tue 14-Jun-16 08:06:11

I've been looking for you all, ,my iPad wouldn't let me post on the long thread so I've had to lurk instead for ages!

Great news boobz. Mine disappeared during a bereavement then divorce and I thought they'd gone for good but now things are calmer they are backsmile

EleanorAbernathy Tue 14-Jun-16 10:33:09

Hi Minnie - good luck with Insanity! Be prepared to ache a lot after the first on, especially your legs! I had to wait a few days before I carried on but was ok after the initial shock. grin

onlywhenyouleave Tue 14-Jun-16 11:21:17


Welcome Minnie and Jelli smile Jelli If you like Shaun T and his workouts, then Insanity is probably a good one to try after you have finished T25 (there is also the T25 gamma workouts which are really good to do after you have finished beta).

Boobz yay for your period returning smile A sign that your body is returning to normal I guess and definitely a good reason for a day off!

My arms are hurting today as I insisted on showing DH and my kids how I can do full press-ups now (and I stupidly showed them all individually rather than when they were all in the same room) - none of them were that impressed hmm grin

I think DH is getting a bit bored of T25 now (he does the same 5 workouts on rotation rather than mixing them all up) so he has promised to do the 21-day fix Plyo one tonight. However, last time I got him to do a new one (T25 Core Speed) he grumbled and swore at me for most of the time as he doesn't like trying new things! I am hoping that he will get distracted by Autumn (particularly when she bends down grin) that he might not moan as much wink

KatieKaboom Tue 14-Jun-16 11:32:53

Boobz, that's terrific. smile

caitlinohara Tue 14-Jun-16 11:54:03

Thanks for the new thread! Welcome to Jelli and Minnie. Jelli I owe much to JM and I still like to do the odd workout of hers from time to time. How are you finding T25? I found the change in pace a bit of a shock after Jillian!

Roastie We need to talk Core Synergistics. wtaf? I did it for the first time this week even though I am on week 8 of P90X now, because I spent my first recovery week in bed with flu. I did it yesterday and I proper hated it. It's like doing Total Body Circuit, only for an hour instead of 25 minutes. Wtf is with the Chatturanga runs? What human being (apart from the freaks on the DVD) can do this? Please don't come back with "me, actually" or I might cry. After 7 weeks of weights, yoga and a bit of cardio, I had forgotten how much I despise this type of exercise. The only consolation is the mighty Pam the Blam, who I love.

only That's great about the push ups. It's brilliant when you see improvements like that. I can do them, but not super low. Tony uses chatturanga (the bottom position of a push up) in loads of other exercises and I always struggle. I look at the people on the yoga DVD and they don't even look that strong, and yet they can hold that position for ages without breaking a sweat. Where do they hide their muscle?!

Boobz That's good news .... I think!
Good luck with Beta Eleanor. It's a doddle compared to Alpha!

And re working out at home - I grew up watching my mum do Jane Fonda workouts so it just feels normal to me! smile

Hi to everyone else, and if you have a minute, have a read of this article that was in Sunday's Observer. It's about women and sport and body image and how we should celebrate our bodies for what they can DO rather than how they LOOK. I thought of all of our personal achievements and thought I must post a link, so here it is here smile

RoastieToastieReastie Tue 14-Jun-16 15:26:33

Hello all,

Did piyo sweat this morning instead of yoga X. It's my favourite piyo workout and I really did sweat alot! It's amazing how much you can sweat from doing non cardio/impact stuff.

Hope you didn't mind me starting a new thread, I felt a bit fraudulent doing it given in a newbie on here.

Hello jellibelli. Go with the tape measure for sure as weighing can be inaccurate in comparison.

Katie I have a regular barbell and it's alot heavier than their barbells. I did have a piece of paper which told me which weights equated to what taking into comparison the extra weight of the heavier barbell but I can't now find it, sorry. I think you can google how much a barbell weighs and how much a les mills pump barbell weighs to add on the difference to the weight you're lifting.

Boobz yay for the period you Spring chicken!

Minnie hello! I remember someone said to me before I did my insanity that the warm up is part of the workout so don't be scared off that you find the warm up hard. I found this really useful as the warm up was as hard as most DVDs I'd tried in the past, including the hard bits of the other DVDs! Did you do it yet? How did it go?

Caitlin you made me laugh with your comments on core synergistics! I have to say it wasn't my fave workout but I didn't hate it. I couldn't do chatarunga runs at all but I couldn't even attempt it because of my arm/shoulder/neck issue, I just stayed with the plank version. I quite liked some moves (can't remember the names but like the pick something from the floor and put it up on the shelf with a twist iykwim) and the bow boat I quite liked because I never used to be able to do the one on my back but now I can sort of and I feel like loads of my body is off the floor when on my stomach. I've got it again on Thursday. Always good when a workout has Pam the blam and when it doesn't have dreya (she irritates me). Which reminds me, I actually managed about 5 basic dreya rolls which I was super pleased with as when I did p90x last time I couldn't do one.

Had my MRI scan this morning and I'm glad it's over. Have to wait a week for the results to be emailed to my GP and then request a copy to go to my physio so will be a while before I find out what it shows up and how they might change my treatment.

lavenderhoney Tue 14-Jun-16 18:12:11

Oh I prefer at home DVDs too, because collapsing in a sweaty heap attempting jumpy push-ups isn't for me at the gym. I try much harder at home. I am useless at them though.

I have been for my run today which is about 5 miles and I'm doing instanity Max later, not sure which one. I think I'll add the cardio abs after it, because my tummy isn't going down as fast as I'd like.

And doing Pilates in the morning in my pjs is getting easiersmile I lay on the mat like an upside down beetlesmile

yumyumpoppycat Tue 14-Jun-16 18:41:09

Roastie your hardly a newbie, I think you were on the thread in spirit before anyway wink excited to be on thread 4 though! Glad your MRI is done and hopefully it is something that can be sorted quickly.

Lavendar great to have you back on the thread, I waswondering how you were but sounds like you have been busy exercising!

Caitlin thanks for link - it is a mega thrill when our bodies get stronger and defo something to focus on.

Boobz excellent about period and not going through menapause, and that prob explains the weight blip too. One prob with the 800 cal thing is that you will weigh a bit less because there is less food in your tummy, yest I did my first 800 day in about a week and my weight was down 2.2lbs this morning, no way I had a deficit of 6000 cals!

Minnie maybe view the first week of insanity as a trial run getting to know the moves etc, deliberately slow the pace and whatever you do don't keep up with shaun T aim for one of the skivers at the back!

Did T25 core speed and really like it, my one arm burpees are pretty sloppy though!

{Hifives Jackster back and waves to everyone}

Jacksterbear Tue 14-Jun-16 20:51:06

Loved that article caitlin, thanks for linking.

Roastie, finally a fellow PiYo fan! I like strength intervals the best, but also like sweat.

Have continued the quest to try random new workouts on the secret site today, and have done the first Cize workout in full (quite fun, not exactly hugely demanding but good for a change) followed by the Turbo Fire 10 minute abs.

Good news re periods, boobz.

Welcome minnie and good luck with Insanity. It's hard, but when you do it, remember it's not just you that finds it hard - keep looking at all the exhausted faces of the "extras" and keep going! grin

Purpleraindeer Tue 14-Jun-16 21:15:14

Yay for the period boobz. You'll be moaning about pmt before you know it.

Minnie - did you do your first insanity yet? Lots of insanity survivors on here. Just get thru the first week then it will feel manageable. The first few work outs feel like a shock to the system tho.

Only - when I first worked out I could do the power push ups in max plyo I was so shocked I rushed out into the garden to show DH. I then demoed one, my feet slipped and I landed on my tummy. Oh the humiliation!

Lavender - welcome back. However do you have time for life (let alone have enough energy left over for it!) with a workout day which involves Pilates, a double work out and a run

DH is out tonight and I had nothing to do so did core cardio and balance. Still didn't manage to find it easy like he says you're supposed to and there was much inner swearing during the shoulder/hip flexor bit at the end. I forgave shaun t about 30secs after I finished and remembered I loved him really grin

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