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Jelly Belly

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SheSparkles Tue 07-Jun-16 14:27:14

From doing absolutely NO exercise for about 20 years, and been grossly overweight, over the last 9 months or so I've developed a serious gym habit, which I really enjoy, mad ha dropped 3 clothes sizes in the process.
This doesn't make me skinnŷ Minnie in any way, I'm still a size 22-24, but it's going in the right direction, and I'm happy for it to take as,long as it takes..

I had my first ever "run" yesterday, and hit on a bit of a problem-the title of this thread kind of says it all-what I found most uncomfortable was my not very small jelly belly bouncing about-verging on painful.
I wore my regular gym leggings-without any knickers because that's how I go to the gym, as I find it more comfortable than wearing knickers, but is this this where I went wrong?

If anyone else shares this issue, how do you manage it? Should I wear some Spanx type knickers under my leggings, or do I just have to live with it till the belly reduces a bit more?

This is absolutely not about people seeing the jelly belly, that really doesn't bother me, it's about comfort, as I really want to run!

laurzj82 Tue 07-Jun-16 14:30:20

Good for you! I'm the same size as you and just starting out. I'm so unfit but once I've upped my walking a bit I want to do couch to 5k.

Hope you don't mind me place marking as I have the same issue but with my bum. It actually hurts when it wobbles! blush

Good luck with your weight loss and fitness journey xx

SheSparkles Tue 07-Jun-16 14:52:31

Right back at you laurzj! We can do this!

KatharinaRosalie Tue 07-Jun-16 15:13:18

Compression tights/shorts should help there. Bit of a struggle to get them on, but they hold everything in place. ONly trouble that they are hard to find in size 22 - XXL should work?

Another option is to check out men's tights, as they come in bigger sizes. If they have a Y-front and look funny on you, you can always wear a pair of loose shorts on top, I would think.

SheSparkles Tue 07-Jun-16 17:15:24

Thanks very much KatharinaRosalie I'll go and investigate!

MrsMook Tue 07-Jun-16 18:51:32

I wore spanx type pants in the early days after having had babies when everything is super soft, stretched and jiggly!

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