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WTF have I signed up for?

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SweatLikeAPigLookLikeAPig Thu 02-Jun-16 15:38:12

So I've always fancied the idea of doing an ironman but life for in the way and I had my DS 18 months ago. In a bid to try and lose some weight I signed up for a half-ironman this summer. I've had six months to train, I'm now 2.5 months away and I've done nothing!!! Please tell me it's not too late...

longdays Sat 04-Jun-16 15:57:08

Ok. I've done a couple of these and I think it's possible, but it's going to be a long day for you.

Have you ever done the distances seperately?

You're looking at taking about 6.5 hours plus to complete (depending on hills etc). Have you thought about fuel for the race?

I guess with 10 weeks to go I'd concentrate on endurance to get round rather than speed.

If you can swim and bike the distance you can do it. The 1/2 marathon at the end can be run/walk.

Good luck

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