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Gym leggings recommendations please

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SleepyKiwiGirl Sun 29-May-16 19:41:07

I'm 15 weeks and not really showing yet but my current gym leggings are a bit tight and uncomfortable doing some exercises.... In fairness they do have a control top. Is it worth paying loads of money for maternity gym leggings or should I just get something cheaper but the next size up? Maternity clothes are so expensive and I can't tell if they'll last me right through the pregnancy. Anyone got any advice? I saw some at sweaty Betty that have a fold over top, but I wasn't sure cos they cost £65! If they're worth it I would totally make the investment though. Thoughts?

MsMarvel Mon 30-May-16 22:50:25

Iv you want something with a fold over top then i recommend these ones

The pink band is folded over in that pic and coud definately be used to cover bump while still giving enough support. They are pretty true to size, so maybe one size up would be enough? And at that price as well its worth a go! They are really comfy.

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