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starting Couch to 5k - need a REALLY cheap watch to help with all those teeny tiny timings?

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PorridgeAgainAbney Wed 18-May-16 16:00:06

Hi. Completely inspired by the lady who posted pics of herself before and after a year of running. I'm a similar age and similar shape as her 'before' pic and I think it just gave me the final bit of motivation to get started!

So, I've started walking 3 times a week and I want to to C25K but have very little cash spare - I've bought a sports bra, I have good trainers that are very old but very unused blush but I guess I need a watch because all the timings are so small in the first few weeks (plus I'll be doing each stage for at least two weeks because I have an old back injury so need to build up really gradually).

God I'm a rambler - basically what I want to know is what do you use to get all these timings down to a tee and did it cost less than a fiver?grin

Will the app not do all that for you?

QforCucumber Wed 18-May-16 16:04:09

The app and a pair of headphones is all you need. A voice tells you when to walk and run smile

PorridgeAgainAbney Wed 18-May-16 16:13:47

Oh ok! I took a look at the NHS website but didn't click on the specific links. I'm a bit of a dinosaur with anything technological - so I download it onto my phone and then play it while I'm out?

Bloody hell, that's bad isn't it, that I didn't even realise that's how it worked. Mind you, until I went on the website, I thought C25K meant that people were training to run 25k and was thinking I'd never be able to manage that blush.


QforCucumber Wed 18-May-16 16:15:46

Yea it's a free app, I have a Samsung and it let's me play music while the app is running and the voice will come on over the music. smile

mommybunny Wed 18-May-16 19:08:07

There are lots of free apps - you're not restricted to the NHS one. I used one by Zen Labs that let you overlay your own music - the voice just came in to tell you when to run and when to walk, and when you were halfway through the total workout.

wombattoo Wed 18-May-16 19:09:48

Good luck Porridge

PorridgeAgainAbney Wed 18-May-16 22:02:02

Thanks all - I'll get to grip with the app tomorrow. I can't wait to get started after being in such a rut for a while smile

2ManySweets Wed 18-May-16 22:04:29

Yes do get to grips with the app, no fancy stuff needed. The music (prepare to hear those songs in your sleep my love) keeps time for you.

Also, be prepared to fall in love with Emma (?) the narrator. She's your cheerleader, spirit guide and best friend all in one.

Ps: do you have a link to the thread you refer to above? X

BikeRunSki Wed 18-May-16 22:06:41

Download the podcasts rather than using the app. The app with use your data allowance while you're out and will drop out if you lose www connection. The podcasts are the same thing, but much more stable.

CMOTDibbler Wed 18-May-16 22:12:47

You can download the podcasts from this page directly, or if you have an iphone theres a link there to download from itunes

PorridgeAgainAbney Wed 18-May-16 22:13:07

Ha ha you think I can link to a thread when I don't even know how apps work and I think millions of you are running 25k each night cos I don't understand abbreviations either...grin
It's on the exercise board and I think it was still on the first page earlier today and was called something like "pictures after running for a year". If you can't find it my 3 year old could probably put the link up for me tomorrowgrin

2ManySweets Wed 18-May-16 22:15:26

dials through to your three year old


PorridgeAgainAbney Wed 18-May-16 22:16:18

Thanks - that's really helpful as I have v cheap contract so low allowance plus iffy reception round my way.

puddleduckmummy Wed 18-May-16 22:16:25

Good luck! Cough to 5k is really good, I'm doing it now and it's really, well easy isn't the right word! Straightforward! As pp said, just need headphones and the app and that's all you need! Hope you enjoy it!

nbee84 Wed 18-May-16 22:19:47

Cough to 5k grin very apt!

puddleduckmummy Wed 18-May-16 22:33:55

shock I knew my phone was watching me! To be fair it's more a coughsplutter!

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