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I've just finished the 30 day shred but still a tubster!

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ZenNudist Thu 12-May-16 21:08:33

So frustrating. I did as much of the advanced moves as possible and only slipped to 'Anita' moves occasionally to avoid injury.

I am eating way less junk and really cut down on wine. I know diet is all important but you'd think I'd have lost some weight.

Any words of encouragement?

Was going to do the yoga one next. It's been good getting bit of exercise in every night (having done nothing for ages), but am discouraged that I will ever be any different shape. Bah!😠

JonSnowsBeardClippings Thu 12-May-16 21:10:05

Have you weighed yourself? The shred won't make you lose weight by itself, no exercise will without significantly changing your diet too. I bet you're much fitter now though!

SpuriouserAndSpuriouser Thu 12-May-16 21:13:41

Well done for finishing it!

Have you tried keeping track of your measurements, rather than your weight? If you are exercising regularly then your measurements will change even if your overall weight stays the same. Might help with the motivation.

But anyway losing weight and getting fit is a long, slow process, so don't be discouraged that you haven't seen a change yet, just keep going because it sounds like you are doing really well.

ZenNudist Thu 12-May-16 21:14:36

Maybe slightly fitter. I don't weigh myself. I took measurements. I'm exactly the same.

I was a gym member for 10 years and never changed shape but felt a lot better for regular attendance. Now I've grown a bit due to 2 dc and don't think I'm ever going to lose it.

Now my phones out of battery. Back later to see if any other Jillian fans can recommend a plan for the next 30 days....

ZenNudist Thu 12-May-16 21:19:09

Spur, yes I hope to keep going. It was nice to have a plan laid out, I was going to do her yoga one because I hoped that would be good to do on holiday (no weights) then ripped in 30 when I get back.

I reckoned I'd need 3 months to make a difference. I hoped a short burst every night and less stuffing my face might make a difference compared to 3 hours a week at the gym and eating what I liked.

You definitely feel your fitness improve doing the shred. I didn't really think I'd have success like the before /after pics you see online. I'm just not a rapid shape changer. Some people are. Boo! 😔

rookiemere Thu 12-May-16 21:23:58

Unfortunately, as my p/t started saying after 5 months of heavy weight lifting failed to shift my measurements at all, you can't out train a bad diet.

If it's any consolation I'm massively impressed that you managed to do it every single day for 30 days, I never managed more than 3 in a row.

I'd say keep on doing it but up your weights and log what you're eating religiously on My fitness pal. Also if you can, add in some daily walking as apparently that's really good for fat burn.

Psycobabble Thu 12-May-16 21:27:16

I think people can really get caught up in fads and stuff but ultimately you will lose weight if you burn more calories than you eat . And so I think the problem often lies in the fact that people misjudge how many calories they actually are burning off and how many calories are in certain foods. That was certainly true for me I struggled to lose weight for years and nothing seemed to do much until I really changed my diet .
So in saying "you ate much less junk and cut down on wine" you could still be consuming more calories than you burn off even with all the excersize

Sorry if I sound a patronising prick ! It honestly just shocked me what was actually in food for example low fat yoghurt a that barely filled a gap with 17grams of sugar in etc etc etc !!!

Having said that 30 days isn't long and I bet you will have lost weight and will continue to do so just not as dramatic as these type of programs make you feel that you will

Psycobabble Thu 12-May-16 21:32:06

Yes iv read it back I sound a patronising prick!

I think I just get frustrated with the way these kind of programs get targeted as though they are the answer to it all! When in actual fact you could just run up and down the stairs for half an hour a day ( as an example ) or have a long fast walk so long as you were burning more calories than you consume .

ZenNudist Fri 13-May-16 07:27:38

Psychobabble I don't mind hearing it. I know it already. I absolutely refuse to diet. I eat healthily but if I tried to count calories or seriously deprive myself it would have the opposite effect and I'd end up bingeing.

I'm going to order "lean in 15" or similar and try a healthier eating plan. I thought that eating sensible quantities of soups or salads and snacking on (limited) fruit nuts and rice cakes was a vast improvement on my previous never knowingly refused cake diet! I also have gone from wine all the time to the odd glass a week. And cut down on bread. And only eating til full.

Perhaps a month just isn't long enough to see any benefits from improving lifestyle. Tell me to keep going!!

ClashCityRocker Fri 13-May-16 07:36:24

Keep going!

It took more than a month to put the weight on, it'll take more than a month to slim down.

I'm a bugger with exercise, I can do it and am fairly fit - but it makes me blooming ravenous and I can eat like a horse afterwards.

I applaud you for not dieting but would suggest you keep a food diary whilst eating what you normally eat for a couple of weeks. I did this and realised I was actually drinking more calories than I was eating (under the delusion that fruit juice and smoothies were super healthy - not the way I drank them!) so that was a relatively easy 'fix'.

rookiemere Fri 13-May-16 08:47:32

Definitely keep going!

I've been doing weekly weigh inswith my neighbour for a few weeks now. The weight loss has been painfully slow (we're both in our mid 40s) but we are losing week on week - ifwe hadn't been weighing together I'd probably have given up by now, but over a 4 week period I've lost 3 pounds which isn't bad at all.

Like you I hate dieting and have been on many diets. So instead I am trying t eat mindfully. There are lots of good books about it - try Paul McKenna's I want to be slim or whatever it's called as a great foundation. It requires a change of mindset and can be hard, particularly over the last week or so when my Dad had a health scare and work was crazy busy, but it's a heck of a lot nicer than doin a "diet".

Also watch out for nuts. Unfortunately whilst eating healthily is better for overall nutrition, nuts are calorie bombs, particuarly brazil nuts whichI love sad.
I've actually got in a few ready meals - some of the healthy fresh ones seem pretty good these days, as it gives me a better ideaof what an appropriate portion size is (something I'd lost sight of) and means that for a few meals at least the calores are sorted without me spending time in the kitchen.

mommybunny Fri 13-May-16 09:43:51

If you look at a calorie burn chart the 30DS only burns about 170-180 calories, which makes sense when you think about it as it's only 20 minutes!

You may want to think about alternating the 30DS or other Jillian workouts with more intense (and longer) cardio sessions like running or cycling. That will give you the best of both worlds: the calorie burn as well as the toning.

What's been working for me is running 4x per week, making sure to get some hills in there (I'm training for a 10K), plus a "vegan before 6" diet during the week. For me it's ideal as I never have to be hungry (I let myself eat as much veg, fruit, beans, pulses and even nuts as I want) and no food is ever completely "off limits" because I can have it at dinner time (which makes me far less likely to binge on it once it becomes "available"). I've long thought that the holy grail of weight loss is feeling sated on relatively low-calorie foods, and for me this does it. I'm also feeling, shall we say, "clean as a whistle" inside grin. Making lunches with beans and pulses is a hell of a lot cheaper as well, and probably better for the environment, than having meat or cheese or eggs with lunch, or going out for a takeaway sandwich. Finally, as "diets" go, this one couldn't be simpler: although I did get it from a book (Mark Bittman's "Vegan Before 6") I don't have to keep constantly referring to it for "what I'm allowed to eat today".

I don't weigh myself but I can tell just by looking at myself in the mirror and wearing my (now-looser) clothes that it's working. I could probably lose even more weight if I cut down on the wine I have with dinner, but I'm working on that ...

Good luck and I hope you find a plan that works for you! Well done in any event for getting through Jillian's 30DS - it's a great workout even if it didn't make you as slim as you hoped and I'm sure it's done you a world of good!

Psycobabble Fri 13-May-16 13:10:33

Well I think that's it's without drastic diet it will take longer but it will still happen ! And your right about dieting to the point of being totally restrictive it's depressing and much harder to follow

kirinm Sat 14-May-16 21:07:32

I've just started doing Ripped in 30 having finished the 30DS last month. My eating was pretty crap last month though so minimal changes. I do two levels 5-6 times a week but ripped feels seriously hard. I think I'll impress myself if I get through it!

kirinm Sat 14-May-16 21:09:13

Oh I should say that I've cut out snacking, alcohol and only eating a carby meal after exercise. So, low carb, high fat and protein. Be careful with lean in 15, they are calorific meals and no doubt very large. I wouldn't recommend eating three meals from the book a day.

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